2021 content marketing trends

2021 content marketing trends

Content marketing is a strategic process in which content is used to achieve a marketing goal. As per your product or brand, the content is ideated, created and promoted to reach your target audience and aims at educating them and making them aware of your business, convince them to take action and finally turning them into leads. Content marketing is nothing new and has been used in various formats for ages now. However, with time and technology, definitely, its ways and processes got improved and more innovative.

 This year, particularly, being still in the phase of semi-lockdown and yet recovered somewhat from last years’ unprecedented blow, marketing processes are gradually gaining momentum and as the marketer's reports, about 82% of them are using content marketing, which is a steep rise from last year’s percentage. So, standing at the mid of the year 2021, let’s check out which of the content marketing trends are well working this year.


Videos coming out as the primary form of media for content marketing - Staying and working from home have significantly raised the percentage of video content being consumed by people over the year. A study has shown that consumers have watched about 12 billion minutes of video content since the 2020 lockdown which is equivalent to about 23,211 years of content. Needless to say more, marketers are resorting heavily to video as their primary form of media in their content strategy.

Multimedia content drawing more attention - Content well distributed in different forms of content within a page, say texts will image or relevant videos or even gifs have shown to attract readers time spent on the page to be considerably higher than those using the single format of content.

Podcasting will continue to grow - Podcasts have shown considerable growth and popularity since their inception. By October 2020, there were about 34 million podcast episodes and over 1.5 million active shows. Many of the big companies have ventured into podcasting and reaped good results. Podcasting is growing and is expected to continue to hold its position.

Deep marketing is a new success mantra - Deep content marketing is essentially personalized content marketing. Understanding the customers’ psyche and presenting the right product, at the right time, in the right place is the main mantra. Needless to say, this is the future of content marketing and will soon be the strongest form of marketing.

Quality over quantity - This is an eternal truth, however, there were times when quantity dis mattered, but now with the content space getting bigger and expansive each day, quality content is what is going to hold the key to good SEO and overall marketing success.

Webinars gained a new leash of life - Though once declared ‘outdated’, webinars and virtual events regained a new lease of life in the Covid situation. Work-from-home situations and the general need to interact with the brands while staying at homemade webinars jump back to prominence again. The global webinar market is expected to reach 800 million by 2023, up 253 million from 2015, as estimated by Hubspot.

What else do you think is working great with content marketing in the year 2021? Put your suggestions in the comments below.


 FAQ's About 'How can writing blogs help SEO?'

To answer this question, let me first tell a bit about how SEO gets boosted. The simple way the SEO of a website gets boosted is when there are lots of visitors visiting the website. In a roundabout way, there are chances of getting a huge influx of visitors only when your page shows well in the search engine.

Now let’s see how blogs help in both situations. Blogging helps you address and answer questions that are relevant and helpful for your customers. When customers find your articles actually helpful and answering their queries, they are likely to come back and refer others. This helps your website’s SEO.

Again, while writing blogs, you can use keywords and distribute them synergically within your blog which will help the search engine bots to identify that your topic is relevant and therefore show it high up for people to access relevant content.

Additionally, blogs help in refreshing your website again and again at relevant times and studies show that refreshed websites rank high in search engines.

Going by Hubspot, “Blogging helps boost SEO quality by positioning your website as a relevant answer to your customers' questions. Blog posts that use a variety of on-page SEO tactics can give you more opportunities to rank in search engines and make your site more appealing to visitors.”

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