3 Brand Promoting Ideas That Can Never Go Wrong In India

3 Brand Promoting Ideas That Can Never Go Wrong In India

Number of researches, both by Indian and foreign agencies, have time and again confirmed that India has a huge and ever-increasing consumer market. Finding the huge potential of the market, a number of brands, again both Indian and foregin, experiment and play with their products in Indian market. These experiments have given birth to a number of marketing ideas and ways of reaching to  the consumer bases. Media advertisements are something very basic but are ever-evolving undergoing numerous creative folds. Apart from that, there are N number of ways that the marketeers have thought upon and applied to reach out to the consumers.

I must admit that some of the ideas are really outstanding and had a huge effect on the consumers. However, today I will discuss three time-tested promotion ideas that perhaps can never go wrong in India.

Limited Edition-

The two simple words ‘Limited’ and ‘Edition’ when applied combinedly is known for hugely influencing the Indian consumers. Though the two-third population of the country is below the poverty-line, most of the consumers in the remaining one-fourth are well known for competing amongst each other specially in terms of affluence and show-offs. Therefore, the wish to own something that others can’t sometimes crosses the level of urge and reach to the madness. And this madness is well-utilized by the marketers. Simply label your pack with a ‘Limited Edition’ tag and some good words, there is a huge chance that your brand will be a huge hit.

While promoting a brand, it is utterly important and needless to say that the content has to be amazing, if you can create it by yourself. If you have the ability to crack the content, then it is better to feel that writing is your strong point. If it is the case then it shouldn’t be that big of a thing or a trouble to write some articles and blogs for you.

Instructional videos:

Video again is going to play a huge role on content, it can cost you big amount as you have to make sure that your video is shot by a professional photographer to make it YouTube worthy. There is nothing at all wrong to hire an experienced intern or a freelancer to do your job.

Cross Promotion-

This trick is a nicer one and almost everyone (including me) falls prey to it. Buy a pack of oats and you get an anti-pimple face wash free (most of the time the latter is a new brand). The concept is to keep your system clean by having oats and clean your face with THIS facewash and have a pimple-free skin. Well, that surely brings a twinkle in the eyes. Consumers are happy receiving something for FREE (It's almost like a reward for buying costly oats) and the marketer achieves their goal of introducing the new brand to the consumer easily which otherwise would have a lesser chance to get pulled off from the shelves all by itself. Sometimes two established and rival brands also use this trick to fool consumers into believing them to be one brand. Here we have a picture of a free Maggie Pack getting distributed with a bottle of Kissan sauce. Both the brands are established and also rivals as Maggie too have its own ranges of sauces. But here both the brands have collaborated and it is likely that next time, you, a lover of Kissan sauce, will absent-mindedly pick up a bottle of Maggie sauce thinking that both are the same. The other brand is also benefited in the same way.


Free sample distribution- This is perhaps the best one but it exerts some expense on the brand in the first go. It is a perfect choice for the first-timers in the market. Arrange an event and distribute free and small samples of your products. I guess nobody in India will say no to the free products. Even some established companies use this method to more popularize their products and make a permanent image on the consumer minds. Here in the picture, P&G is not only distributing free samples but also delivering it to your doorstep free of cost. Ahhh…what can be more good?

However, these tricks are meant for an easy test of your products with the consumers. To get chosen permanently and to gain trust of the consumers, quality is the one strong word. You can’t keep on distributing free products all throughout. You need to get bought and for that you must deliver better than the best quality in your sample products. Even the limited edition packs can get badly reviewed which will lead to decreased sales if not maintained the upper mark of the quality.

For more such helpful guides to help you in your digital marketing journey, keep following this space.

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