4 Essential Package Designing Tips

4 Essential Package Designing Tips

From supermarket shelves to home deliveries, any kind of package needs special care and attention. Creative and thoughtful packaging means that the brand has invested time & customized its packaging to make the user experience warm & cosy. Packaging is an important part of a customer’s overall brand experience, so it’s important to consider how it looks, feels and works. 

Your packaging needs to speak to your audience. It sends out a message about your brand. An important part of effective packaging is to know your audience through social media these days. This way the users develop trust in your brand. Based on that, you can customize your brand packaging. 


Colour is one of the most influential aspects of package design. Consumers are most likely to identify the colour of a package more than any other visual feature.

Before choosing your package design you need to gather information on these 3 questions & then you can start package designing based on that :

  1. What is the Product?

  2. Who is buying the Product?

  3. How are people buying the Product?


Here are 3 of the tips for package designing that are user-friendly, creative and eye-catching :

Attractive Design :

You need to remember that you have a competitive market ahead of you, so you have to be updated and your package design needs to be something unique. Do thorough research about what other brands are using for their packaging so that you can differentiate. This means choosing a unique packaging shape, a smart way to present your product, selecting an unusual or under-used colour and selecting a non-traditional design layout.

While being creative and innovative is necessary, don't forget to stick to your niche. You need your packaging to be attractive and stand out among the rest be it on the shelves or online. The key is to catch your user's attention and be framed in their minds.

The things on which your design should focus are :

  • Colours

  • Fonts

  • Content to be written

  • Logo

  • Note on the product 

Clarity & Simplicity :

The next time you visit a shopping mall, check the packaging of the products on the shelves. Look out for what the product is and what is the brand behind it! You will be amazed to not be able to find proper answers to this question at a first glance and that first glance is the time period for your brand to catch your users' attention. Most of the packaging showcases the benefits and directions and ingredients and not about the brand and what exactly the product is! You need to focus on that. Your package design needs to be simple, honest & full of clarity. 

Users need to understand what your product is all about and what your brand represents. Write it down clearly on the package about it. Fill in with simple information. Show clarity and do not lie. You should not disappoint your users. Your simplicity and clarity will help in building the trust of your users in your brand. 


Budget is an essential point on which lies your package design. You need to set a budget based on two things :

  • One time costs

  • Per item costs

One-time costs include paying for the design work, stamps, and print plate set-up. These are mainly one time investments only. Per item, costs are mostly for materials and labour. Then you need to keep a list ready according to which you can buy. For deliveries, you need to invest in bubble wraps, tissues & papers to keep your products safe. Try to maintain a fixed budget to sustain the pattern. 


Reducing wastage in packaging is very important. Consumers are more environmentally conscious now. They prefer less wastage packaging to lessen the carbon footprint on the Earth. Some ways to reduce waste include :

  • Use recycled materials in your packaging.

  • Reducing the weight which will lower delivery charges. 

  • Use precise boxes according to your product. 

  • Encouraging the consumer to reuse packaging by mentioning it on the package.

Package designing plays an important role as it is what catches your users' attention in the very first place so make that stand out! 

What do you think makes your package unique and different to stand out in the market? Share with us in the comments.


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