4 mistakes to avoid when creating a design portfolio

4 mistakes to avoid when creating a design portfolio

The world has become more competitive than before. Today, it is necessary that your work stands out from the rest. When it comes to designing, your creative ad or idea plays a crucial role in giving you an edge over the others. One of the ways a designer can create a dominant position in his or her work is through creativity that showcases concept and the thought process required for an artwork to gain maximum appreciation.

There is no dearth of awe-inspiring designs that gives you tremendous inspiration. Graphic Design portfolio sites are the ones which you should refer for improving your work. Sites like Behance are where designers are showcasing their creativity to the world. Being a designer, have you created your design portfolio yet? Would you like to reap its benefits, then here is why you should create one!

Why creating a design portfolio is an absolute must?

 * To differentiate yourself from others when it comes to creativity

 * To showcase your skills and increase online visibility

 * To map yourself in terms of creativity

 * To boost your designing career

Whether you’re a graphic designer or a fashion designer, a portfolio is a necessary phenomenon in boosting your career. There is no definite layout for developing a perfect design portfolio. Make sure to include projects that define your creativity. You will get many references on the Internet, but have you thought what mistakes you should be avoiding. No? Then below are some of the mistakes you should avoid while designing a portfolio:

1.  Including too much work:

Remember that a design portfolio is about how much uniqueness you can bring to the table. Therefore, eliminate design works that simply make your portfolio look over-loaded with information. This will not help you to strike the right note with the target audience who are viewing it. You do not need to include designs developed during the school level. It is recommended to not include more than 15 projects as ‘quality is more significant than quantity.’

2.  Not including explanation:

When it comes to incorporating a particular design project, make sure you give out clear details of the projects, such as the client name, agency, challenge and how it is unique. A picture without a caption may look incomplete. This is because a caption would help to understand better about your creativity. The caption should be short and crisp.

3.  Huge PDFs:

Well, this is the common mistake which designers make. Make sure you have maintained a format of A4 when developing a portfolio and the size should be between 3MB to 5MB. Making it too lengthy and heavy will only lead to loss of interest whosoever is viewing it.

4.  Lengthy intros:

The real essence of creating portfolios lies in exhibiting how you’re creatively different from the rest. Often, it is observed that intros are written in detail which take away 90% of your chance of  getting a potential client. Therefore, if you want to include an introduction of yourself, make sure you have expressed it in just a few words.

Do you know any design portfolio mistakes that you would like to share with us? Mention in the comments section below.

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