5 Brand Building Strategies for Your Website Design

5 Brand Building Strategies for Your Website Design

Your website is the visual representation of your brand, hence a well-designed website is a necessary for brand building. It is significant that your website helps you acquire customers as well as retain the existing ones. Right from designing, typography, content to colour scheme, your site needs effuse the energy.

Let's go through some statistics related to website design:
As Paul Rand has rightly said “Design is the silent ambassador of your brand.” Here are some ways to build your brand through website design:

Visual appeal:
When it comes to visual appeal, we would focus on colour palette and emotions.
A website's colour allows your target audience to explore about a brand's characteristics. Each colour stimulates an emotion, which varies from an individual to individual. It is necessary for a company to select a colour palette as per an industry. For example: Most hospitals go for green colour. This is because, it symbolizes calmness and good health.
Every brand's website should evoke an emotion when a prospective client visits your website and entail a customer to get in touch with you. According to a research, people respond better to a brand which showcases emotion instead of technical information.

Responsive web design:
A responsive website design consists of three components – flexible media, layouts and queries. This is not just about enhancing user experience, but due excess usage of mobile. When a user experiences a better interface due to responsive websites, it leads to decrease  bounce rates and more conversions.

Size and position of the logo:
When it comes to positioning of a logo on website, it is recommended to put in the upper left side as 88% of users   usually notice top left corner of a website. In addition, it was found that users are more likely to remember a brand whose logo is displayed on the top left corner of a website. As much as the placement of a logo, the size also plays an important role.

Social media icons:
Most companies consider placing social media icons at the bottom of the home page; however, it is best to position them at the top right corner. Avoid keeping it too small, make sure it is visible so that it compels users to visit your social media pages and attract more traffic.

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