5 Common Words That Are Not Common Words At All

5 Common Words That Are Not Common Words At All

Did you know that common words like Band-aid, Xerox, Frisbee etc. are not words at all but branded trademarks of companies. There are some brands that are so common, that they are often used as everyday words. Here is a list of 5 most commonly used words that are not words at all.


This name was used to describe adhesive bandage, but the name became so popular that people started calling bandages by the name Band-aid. But did you know that Band-aid is trademarked by Johnson & Johnson and no other company can come out with the same brand name for their product.

Bubble wrap

We all have received gifts at some point of time or the other. Many a times they come wrapped in a covering that we call bubble wrap. But did you know that bubble wrap is not at all it's name but a brand. It is the trademarked product of Sealed Air Corporation and its general name is inflated cushioning.



Not once in our childhood did we realise that we were actually referring to a thing by their brand name. The name Frisbee is a trademarked product of a company named Wham-O whose general name is flying disc.



Who would have thought that a word like Jeep was not a word at all. This word is so frequently used in our day-to-day life that nobody would have realised that Jeep was a trademarked brand name of the company Chrysler. The general name is compact sport utility vehicle.



This is the most surprising entry on the list. We have all grown with superhero comics and movies, more so superheros as a word have been used so much in our childhood and even now that if anybody said it was not a word at all, we would really be shocked. But the fact remains that Superhero was coined by comic book companies Marvel Comics and DC comics.

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