The scenario of digital marketing changes so frequently that it’s almost impossible to understand what the future of digital marketing may offer in terms of opportunities.

Businesses that adapt to trends that change all the time often seem to be succeeding whereas those who fail to accommodate the latest digital opportunities most likely fall behind. So, to avoid that happening, we want to share five digital marketing predictions for 2022 that are important digital steps to take to grow leads, sales, and conversions in 2022.



**Market to Adapt Effortless Eco-friendly Norms:**


In today's world, the vast majority of consumers are aware of the growing environmental hazards and are more so post-pandemic. That is why, they wish to incorporate eco-friendly, sustainable ways in everything, be it practices or products they buy. So going by the trend, it can easily be predicted that in digital marketing eco-friendly ways are here to stay in 2022 too. Consumers want the brands to incorporate sustainability in their products & business so that it can be easily managed in daily lives. Marketers can show consumers how their business can solve sustainability problems on a daily basis. This also includes means to reduce wastes with the increased shopping deliveries and returns.


**Market To Adopt Hybrid Events:**


In 2020 and 2021 we have seen how digital events & webinars have taken place everywhere due to the pandemic. Business these days depends on these digital events & webinars. This is hugely beneficial as brands can reach out to the mass with nominal costs. However, the person-to-person connection in the world of marketing cannot be ignored altogether. In 2022, we can expect the advent of hybrid events. Hybrid events offer both in-person and virtual components that can make them more sustainable, interesting and inclusive. This means that hybrid events may become more eco-friendly. This directly connects to the hearts of modern consumers and will most likely bring that investment and engagement back into the business.


**Market To Adapt to Social Media Marketing:**


People from all generations have moved online and they spend an ample amount of time on social networks. They are posting, scrolling, searching, chatting, commenting and engaging on all social networks more than ever now. This is the reason why most of the brands have moved to social media and included digital marketing through various social networking platforms in their marketing strategy.

Marketers can observe their target location and audience across social media and reach out through their brands to them. They can strategize based on this information to get more sales, conversions and profits. They can easily design discounts, offers and many more such things after in-depth research work on the targeted audience. This makes the whole experience more personal and beneficial for both the brands and the consumers.


**Content Marketing For Growth:**


People search on Google and shop online mostly these days. That is why brands need good, quality content and SEO performance to be found online. So for brands to grow, creating good content is important. Digital maturity across generations is reaching new heights. People are mostly found online across the globe. They do thorough research before they do any shopping or before opting for any services. For that, they need to read through a lot. Here if the brands provide good, creative, simple yet vibrant contents that define their brands, purpose and value properly maintaining transparency and using correct keywords, it becomes easier to notice by the consumers and also by Google.

So content marketing is getting all revived as brands are becoming more aware of the power of content more because of the sudden spike in digital transformation across the globe during the pandemic. So content marketing will drive more exposure and thus be predicted to be trending in 2022.


**Video Content Will Rule All Social Platforms:**


Content creation and even advertising in video format are rising these days. A vast majority of users prefer to watch and listen instead of reading. Total Internet video traffic was 80% of all Internet traffic in 2021. As of 2021, an average person is estimated to spend 100 minutes per day watching online videos. Video content is proving to be a powerful medium to connect and grow the reach. A massive increase in webinars, DIY tutorial videos, product videos, marketing and live streaming video, etc. is noticed during the last year.

The importance of video to all digital marketing platforms is growing - fast. To get the most out of the video marketing effort, we need to focus on optimizing the video content. A video should contain a thumbnail and description, good subtitles, and transcription so that the audience can read the information from the video easily making the experience easy and simple. For example, instead of a picture, creating a short 10-30 second video showing the product from all angles or adding a tutorial video with the manual enhances the content and benefits the marketer giving better reach and exposure.

Digital Marketing is an ever-evolving field and staying up to date with digital marketing trends is essential for all brands no matter the size or industry. An increase in engagement and loyalty with high-quality, personalized content into the digital marketing campaigns connect the brands and the consumers. This will help in keeping up with the emerging digital marketing landscape.


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