5 email marketing strategies for better result of your campaign

5 email marketing strategies for better result of your campaign

If you are looking into the marketing of your brand, product, services, you must have heard about email marketing. It is the oldest form of digital marketing and has been in use since the 80s, if not before. Email marketing is reaching out to the people who have subscribed to your email list by sending mails, informing and educating them about your product and services with the aim to turn them into a sale. Though numerous forms of digital marketing have evolved since then, the effectiveness of email marketing campaigns is really not lost. However, we have to admit that the strategies of email marketing have definitely changed over the years.

Today in this post, I will talk about 5 strategies that can help you yield better results for your email marketing campaign.


Use your data to personalize email messages:

Studies have shown that personalized emails have 6 times more chances of getting read and converted. But how to exactly personalize emails. No, it doesn’t mean you have to write a single message to a single customer. It is practically not possible to write like this to hundreds and thousands of subscribers in your list. Understandable. Personalization here means gathering data and studying the data to understand the likes, dislikes, preferences and choices of the majority of your subscribers. Upon understanding the same, you will be able to create emails talking about exactly what your subscribers want to hear instead of what you want to tell. Using the first name in communication is one of the best ways to start with an email in a personal tone.

Segmentize subscribers for more effective communication:

Drawing clues from the previous pointer, we can well understand that the bigger your subscriber list grows, the more varied the options of choices, preference, likes and dislikes will go. It will increasingly become difficult to draft a one-size-fits-all email communication and yet maintain the personalized tone. The solution is the segmentation of your email subscribers list. Creating various personas depending upon the responses of your subscribers, you will be able to segment them into various groups. Again segmentation can be done depending on the sales journey the subscribers are on. Then you can create campaigns to communicate and push them towards conversion. Studies showed that segmented email communication received as high as 90-94 per cent open rates and about 35 per cent click through rates.

Opt for responsive email design:

In the modern world, 90 per cent of emails are checked and responded to using mobile devices and on the go. Therefore, it is very important that your emails are mobile-friendly. Otherwise, high chances are your subscriber will actually unsubscribe from your list. Who really wants to invest time (though seconds) in an email in the inbox that can’t be read. And if your luck is really good, it will go to Trash. But in any case, it is not serving your purpose. However, this problem can be easily solved with a responsive email design. Creating a responsive email design means that the user experience is optimized regardless of the device or screen they use. Most email service providers offer this solution within their email functionality.

Focus on design and CTA

In today’s time, emails have evolved much more than just written texts. Now we include posters, links and visuals in the emailers. Therefore it is important to give enough attention to your emails. While it should bear the colours and designs according to your brand recognition elements, it is also important that it is easy to comprehend and take action. Some of the ground rules are to write short, easy to read headlines. Keep the entire content easy to understand, keep the visuals well connected with your communication, use large and attractive click to action buttons.

Automate email campaign

Automated email campaigns simply mean triggered email campaigns. Trigger-based emails are emails that are sent out automatically based on user behaviour. In this type of email campaign, a series of emails are pre-made and fed into the automation engine and they get automatically triggered when a subscriber takes action on a previous email. The advantage of these email campaigns is that you can gradually inform, educate and finally lead a subscriber to the sales stage which ensures better chances of conversion. Again because it is automated it really is not much of a hassle to execute, once readied and fed to the system, the campaign pretty much does its own job and gather your leads.

Hope you find the article interesting and helpful and yeah all the best for your brand.

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