5 Steps to Create a Unique LinkedIn Profile

5 Steps to Create a Unique LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is one place where you get to reach new prospects, find new candidates for jobs and get to connect with people for new business opportunity. One should make sure that it provides a synopsis of your overall professional experience. You will find few profiles which are complete with expertise, accomplishments, interests and education. If you have been looking for ways to create a unique LinkedIn Profile, below are the steps you should follow:

Step 1:
Create a headline which gives a complete picture of your career based on the keywords which are commonly used by people on search engines or on LinkedIn search tab. Make sure the title doesn't stretch beyond 1-3 lines as people glance through your profile for not more than 10 seconds. Here's an example of how a short and precise headline looks like:

Step 2:
Add a profile summary, which describes your personality and the job profile. Having a conversational tone for the summary is a better option to get more people engaged. The maximum limit is 2,000 characters.

Step 3:  
Create a personalized URL, which you can promote on your resume as well as add to your email signature. Also, it must not exceed beyond 5-30 characters or numbers without including any spaces.

Step 4:
Add your present and past work experience. In order to maximize a LinkedIn profile's attractiveness, it is critical to keep your profile updated with the job roles you have managed in the past so as to make the reader understand about your job history.

Step 5:
Add skills and endorsements helps you to showcase your abilities to other members. One can add 50 skills to their profile. Your connection can also endorse a skill for you, and when someone does this, you will receive a notification. Skill endorsement is an effective way of building your professional brand.

From a business point of view, if you're looking for new jobs, company news updates or want to know information about colleagues, LinkedIn is an apt social channel for all business-related everything. Now you can also reap the benefits of LinkedIn for brand promotion, simply get in touch with us.

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