5 Ways to get ROI from Instagram marketing

5 Ways to get ROI from Instagram marketing

What is social media return on investment (ROI)? It is often a question asked by businesses when they begin running influencer marketing on Instagram. The social media network helps brands to tell their stories visually and its eminence grown exponentially in the recent years since it is refreshing and interesting. Advertisers too are keen on spending money on marketing campaigns set on Instagram rather than Facebook and Twitter.

Here are five ways to get more ROI from your Instagram influencer marketing:

Measurable Business Goals:
Your goal for influencer marketing can be any of these: Looking to increase followers? Want to bring more traffic to your business? Looking to grow footfalls at your store? Want to generate conversions? Find out what is the final goal of your campaign as this will help you to know how much ad spending would be required.

Custom audience targeting:
Targeting depending on the nature of your business is extremely advantageous for your brand. If your goal is of gaining more followers for an influencer campaign, then customer audience targeting should be your core focus. The more followers you get, the more are your brand's chances of getting conversions.

Track Your Spend:
When it comes to ad spending, a study indicates that the marketing spend on digital platforms surpassed that of TV advertising in the year 2017. Marketers also believe that social media ad spend may actually get more results. Generating ROI from Instagram influencer marketing depends on how much your brand is spending and how it will impact your business in terms of results.

Mobile Optimized Website:
A survey reveals that customer conversion rates from a smartphone has increased 64% as compared to desktop conversion rates. A mobile responsive website is also one of the major factors that influences visitor to go ahead with your website. Make sure your site appeals to more user intent by drafting a content that answers questions they might have about your brand/product.

This will basically help you to tap customers who have shown interest in your brand's product. Through re-marketing, you can re-engage with the followers by showing a different ad. This will help you to increase followers who unfollowed you before. The new influencer marketing campaign based on re-marketing will be helpful for you in gaining maximum followers, generate more sales and get more ROI.

To generate the best ROI, your Instagram marketing campaign should be a mix of defined goals, a fixed budget, re-marketing and audience targeting. Would you like to generate more ROI for your brand? We know how to make it possible. Futurescape Advertising is one of the best advertising agencies based in Navi Mumbai. For digital or print enquiries, get in touch with us today.

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