Ads that Made Brands

Ads that Made Brands

If you think that advertising doesn't do much for a brand apart from may be getting it noticed in the eyes of the audience then you are not alone. There are many who think advertising is more of an obligation than an asset to the brand. But that is not the whole truth.

There are many brands who have grown magnanimously on the back of effective advertising campaigns that have been done by exceptional branding and marketing from Mumbai, Newyork and around the world.

Here are some of the brands that have consistently grown due to effective advertising communications.


One of the best brands that have consistently had good effective campaigns, the golden feather in its cap was the 'Think Small' campaign. Marketers and advertisers both swear by this ad campaign and regard it as the golden standard in advertising campaigns. This campaign brought about a change in people's mindset about small cars.

Instead of potraying the cars as big, it focused on displaying the smallness to a great effect. The campaign was so successful that not only it boosted the sales and profits for the brand but built a lifetime of rand loyalty.

The campaign helped the sales to touch 120,000 units in 1959. By 1967 the sales increased to 430,000 units, which was more than the sales of all other imported cars combined.

Old Spice

The iconic “smell like a man” campaign that potrayed a man in a very different macho style was a huge success even virally. It grabbed eyeballs of one and everyone. But if you asked was the campaign effective in increasing the sales of the brand, the answer is a definite yes.

According to the global marketing research firm Neilson the sales of old spice body wash rose a significant 11 percent in a period of 12 months and rose an astounding 55 percent in the next 3 months. That's not all, in the last month itself it rose close to 107 percent.

Another product Red Zone after hours body wash hit USD 1.6 million in four week period that terminated on July 2011. The campaign was so successsful that Old Spice became the No. 1 brand of body wash and anti perspirant that had grown both in sales and volume.

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