News Making Ads of 2015

News Making Ads of 2015

Some ads are good and some are bad, but only those are effective that stays in the minds of the people for a long time. There have been many ads that have been in the news for wrong reasons, But one thing that cannot be doubted is that they certainly garnered people's attention. Some for good reasons and some for bad, many ads rocked the nation in 2015. Lets dig in to some of them.

Vogue Empower-My Choice TVC

This TVC had all the recipe for being in the news, and it did too, albeit for the wrong reasons. Even though it was made to exhibit women empowerment, what it really did was rise questions about how women of today think. The video showcased the a list of well known women who urged other women to be independent and do what they wanted to, and not what they had to. The video which was launched with the 7th anniversary issue of Vogue, did grab eyeballs and how.

Mauka-Mauka TVC Campaign

This TVC campaign that was released with the cricket world cup 2015, was one of the best world cup campaigns to come up in the history of cricket. The Mauka-mauka series started with a bang when they released their first TVC with the energy packed India-Pakistan match. Instantly the TVC vent viral and was one of the most watched TVC at that time. But it did not end there, the campaign created a wave of sorts across the social media, so much so that many parodies were also made on the campaign.

It turned out to be more fruitful since India was winning all the matches and the morale of the people was positive. The craze for the TVC increased so much that people used to wait for the matches to end when the TVCs would be broadcasted.This TVC campaign ruled the roost in the world cup and emerged as a true winner.

Frooti IPL TVC**:**

The IPL of 2015 not only saw new matches and players, it also enmarked the rebranding of Frooti with a new TVC. Taking a contemporary angle, the TVC depicted a miniature world and was done in stop-gap animation style. Even after having a celebrity like SRK to endorse the brand, he was used minimally in the end to add a little push. This worked in favor of the brand along with the timing of it's release which was aimed at the latest IPL edition. The TVC was also noticed for its bold lines and over the top depiction of the brand.

The people who worked on these ads belonged to many known advertising agencies in Mumbai, but what they had in common was to break out and explore paths that were uncharted. Having said that, even they wouldn't have imagined that these campaigns would be the talk of the town, let alone grab the attention of everyone.

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