AI Writing Tools- How to use them?

AI Writing Tools- How to use them?

From the days when basic spellcheck in Microsoft Word was a big thing, now is the generation for software and technology using AI, allowing content creators to compete in a huge market while producing error-free and high-quality content.

Computers and automation are everywhere today. They are designed to make our lives easier. Undoubtedly you could do all of these tasks on your own. But when time is money, these automated article writing software tools come as a boon. This gives you some free time and allows you to move on to other tasks at hand. 


An AI writer is software that takes the help of artificial intelligence to generate content that is of good quality and as if a  human wrote the article. They are creating a huge demand within the digital marketing community because of their grammar & knowledge-based accuracy. 


AI can - 

  • Can help write a well-formatted & keyword-rich article,

  • Assists in proofreading, 

  • Helps in summarizing text,

  • Helps in SEO optimisation &

  • Helps in content optimization.


  1. Jarvus

  2. AI Writer

  3. Grammarly

  4. Rytr

  5. Articoolo

  6. Text Blaze 


Even though AI tools can research, outline and create content, you still have to be in the driver's seat and be in control for the success of your article. Here is a guide that will show you how you can use AI writing tools effectively for your content writing and blogging. 

  1. Research Stage: Research is needed for creating any content for your blog. AI writing tools do their own research based on the topic and idea provided. It can be very thorough at times. But you should do a check before publishing the article as after all AI is automated. It won't grasp the feeling of the content idea and provide automated and general facts. You need to choose which one to use and which one to not use yourself to make the content top-notch. Moreover, at times AI tools give wrong credits for some facts. It doesn’t check on data and time and roll out old facts at times. However, a major bonus is it researches from a huge load of online materials very quickly, saving time. 

  2. Create Outline: The best part of the AI writing tool for content creation is the outline feature. You can quickly create an outline for any content topic for blogging or pass it to your writers as a brief. These outlines work as a kick start in producing any content. There are times when you get stuck while writing and organizing a blog article. Then these outlines work as a roadmap and streamline the writing process. It gives you a brief description of what could be written. It also provides good heading and subheading ideas. With a fast outline, it is easier to elaborate, hence a lot of time is saved. 

  3. Proofread & Edit: AI writing tools are great to help in content writing, but it is vital for you to proofread the content as it is after all automated software. It will not understand and emote your brand’s voice the way you want. So you could never rely blindly on AI tools for blogging. It could be risky if something inappropriate gets published. You need to read the outcome properly, check the facts and then edit as needed. To use the tools effectively, it's best to always preview and do the needful editing and then publish unique and exceptional content.

  4. To the Point Instructions: AI is Artificial Intelligence and a writing tool software is based on that. So it's evident that it needs instructions from a human to perform the task. So you need to be very careful to give proper instructions which provide clarity on the topic at hand for blogging. So that the AI writing tool provides the right kind of facts from research and then creates proper content depends entirely on you. So keep your instructions crystal clear for best results. 

  5. Remember Your Readers: One of the most common mistakes that you can do is copy-paste the whole content created by the AI writing tool for your blog article. This is a complete no-no. You need to research your post engagement pattern and find out what your readers like and want from you. Based on that your blog articles and content should be created. You cannot forget your readers and their needs. The AI writing tool won't be able to emote that as it won't write based on the reader's perspectives. So while creating your content with the help of AI tools, always include practical experiences and personal emotions in content writing. 


  • Creating email marketing sequences.

  • Writing ebooks.

  • Creating social media content and captions.

  • Writing video script outlines for YouTube.

  • Creating a list of varied blog post ideas.

  • Writing ad copies for social media.

Do you use AI tools while creating content? What do you like about it? Share with us in the comments.

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