How do blogging helps businesses?

How do blogging helps businesses?

This is a very common question that I often came across the moment I disclose that I do blogging for a living. Not to ignore, that the question is indeed a very important one.

With the importance of digital media marketing growing every minute, understanding the usefulness of blogging is indeed an essential one for every business heads and enthusiasts.

Here are the three obvious benefits of business blogging discussed:

Website ranking and traffic driving

Adding a blog post to your website means a) updation of your website and b) one more page indexed to your website. Both the activities give your website a higher ranking in the search engine ultimately increasing your visibility in the online world. Again, each new blog loaded with new informations has every possibility to get shared in the social media circles which not only further enhances the visibility factor but also generate traffic hitting your website.

Helps converting traffic to leads

Each blog when loaded with an apt call-to-action button, has possibility of converting considerable number of traffic into leads. It is understandable that not every viewer will readily share their information and get added to your lead database, but even if one blog succeeds in getting 10% of the traffic converted to leads, the number is quite considerable. More informative, catchy and to-the-point the blog post is, the more leads it can build.

Helps establishing an authority in the market

With your well-researched and well-drafted blogs, you can actually build an authority of your brand in the market. Yes, it is actually possible. When your blogs speak the subject in its all expanses and helps understanding the customer not only your product but also the fields related to it and its implications on the market, people will recognize and settle for your strong voice.

Therefore, if your are eying for more than just make your brand hit customers' eyes every few minutes, do think seriously about business blogging.

Let us know in the comment box below, if you can add any more benefits or if you have any queries about business blogging.

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