Facebook Marketing Tips Compatible With New Algorithm

Facebook Marketing Tips Compatible With New Algorithm

There are millions of active businesses on Facebook all working hard for a chance to grab your attention with a post, video or comment. This is indeed a huge competition, which makes it extremely difficult for your posts to stand out. This challenge somehow became more difficult and sort of impossible to achieve when Facebook announced big changes to its algorithm that controls the fate of each post that is when and where it shows up on the news feed along with who gets to see it. Dealing with the algorithm as a business is less about outsmarting it. It is more about playing the game that Facebook wants you to play.

Facebook’s goal in algorithm change is to create more naturally engaging, user-experience driven content. Now priority is given on posts of family members and friends over that of the businesses and brands. Basically you can now see the posts of your friends and family members across your feed rather than your feed full of the promotional posts of brands and companies all the time. The primary goal behind this is to create and motivate meaningful interactions and discussions among the Facebook users. This will keep the feed clear. People won't just find promotional posts on the feed whenever they open Facebook. 

So now you might worry about how Facebook Will Be Beneficial As a Marketing Tool For Your Business considering this new algorithm?  

Well yes it could be a concern but you can still strategize a plan to use this algorithm for your own benefit. 


  • Use all Facebook post types for marketing. Facebook has launched many interesting tools and if you use every one of them then as a reward Facebook's algorithm will surely push the posts on the top. You can create polls, do check-ins, tag businesses, use hashtags for mentions, ask for recommendations and interact through your page posts. 

  • The new Facebook algorithm is all about creating genuine connections with those who engage with your posts. That’s why you should reply to every Facebook comment, whether it be positive or negative. It is an effort to start conversations within your comments. Not only does this create this conversation, but it  increases the number of comments on a post, which is exactly what the algorithm is looking for when taking your post to the top of the feed.

  • Live video on Facebook gets 6 times more engagement than just videos on average. This means it’s in your business’s best interest to create live videos showing off new product releases, meeting new staff members or interviewing customers of business partners.

  • Encourage your employees to share, comment and like your business post (both on their own timelines and on stories). You can invite friends and family to share their favorite posts as well. With only a few shares, you can extend your organic reach from a few hundred to several thousand views.

  • Try to be a conversation starter if possible every week. Well that one job could be a tough one but if done right, you will see huge engagement. And engagement means building a virtual family which can be beneficial for your business.  

  • An unfortunate truth is that the changes in the algorithm make it difficult for businesses to grow. A paid ad strategy is perfect for boosting your top-performing content, which in turn creates a snowball effect in engagement and social reach.

You can utilize these methods for the changes with the Facebook algorithm to ensure retaining regular customers. To make your marketing efforts fruitful in the long term you should follow and update with the Facebook algorithm changes from time to time.

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