Glossary of some important marketing terms

Glossary of some important marketing terms

Every industry has their own technical jargons which a layman may know or not know, but the companies while pitching a client use them in abundance sometimes to prove that how efficient they are and sometimes just to baffle the client. But worry not. Here is a compilation of some commonly used marketing terms which you can hear at abundance while inviting marketing agencies for pitches. So next time you hear these terms, you need not look confused and baffled.


It is a very commonly used and heard term and people often think that it has only to do with your business name and logo. But there is something more to it. It is actually what is the people or rather customers’ reactions towards your brand and influence of your business name and logo on the buying behavior of the customers.

Brand Positioning:

It is where your brand fits within the target segment. Say you have a clothing business and you make fashionable clothes on a lower budget. Therefore your target segment is the people with lower money power but high on fashion. So that’s where your brand is positioned as the one where you can get all the fashions at a cheap rate.

Challenger Brand:

 It is a competitor brand of course but is a new entrant in the market and gradually soaring high in the segment dominated by the established brands.

ATL & BTL marketing: 

Another two very commonly used and heard terms. ATL stands for “Above the Line '' marketing which you do by extensive advertising in form of commercial ads in broadcast mediums, hoarding, brochure, pamphlets. BTL on the other hand stands for “Below the Line” marketing which is done on the ground level i.e. by actually interacting with the potential customers and propagating the brand like various games, activities in the malls, CSR, etc.

Content marketing: 

A branch of inbound showcasing, content promoting is the way toward making—you got it content, so as to draw in possibilities and drive intrigue and commitment. Be that as it may, it's not about the sale; rather, content showcasing is intended to teach your possibilities in your industry and assist them with bettering comprehend or resolve basic issues they're encountering. Kinds of substance that could be delivered incorporate blog articles, white papers, recordings, social posts, eBooks, online classes & many others.

Digital marketing: 

It is the marketing strategy of promoting your brand online. With the present generation becoming more and more internet-savvy, brands, these days, need to give enough attention to its promotions in the virtual world just like the real world. Digital marketing is the way of popularizing your brand to the internet users.

Key performance indicator:

A quantifiable worth that shows and exhibits how successfully an organization is hitting their essential business destinations. This is a staggered idea – you don't simply gauge accomplishment at one degree of your business pipe – and your keys ought to be spread out before you even get an opportunity to quantify them. This implies defining objectives!

There are a lot of devices to assist you with estimating KPIs – and they for the most part work related to your objectives. Those apparatuses may quantify SEO, showcasing progress, deals measurements, and so forth.

Smart content:

Smart substance is focused on content. It's site content that changes depending on the past collaborations or inclinations of the site client – or their geographic area, gadget, and so forth. Those clients could be drivers who have just downloaded a particular sort of substance on your website, clients who have a more profound comprehension of your administration, prospects in an outside nation, and so on – it's progressively pertinent and customized. This substance can be redone to your crowd by means of your CRM framework.


A computerized showcasing apparatus that you can trigger depending on a lead's associations with your site and substance. So on the off chance that somebody downloads a bit of gated content, you can place them into a work process that will trigger any number of things, similar to explicit messages or customized CTAs on the off chance that they keep interfacing with your website. Your work process can be intended for a few things – to send an email dependent on the occasions somebody has connected with your webpage, or dependent on what they downloaded, and so forth.

What's more, there you have it. Only a couple of key showcasing terms to kick you off. There's an entire pack increasingly out there to know (and more to learn on the footing here) – on the off chance that you have any inquiries, don't spare a moment to connect!

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