Good Logo Design Company in Navi Mumbai

Good Logo Design Company in Navi Mumbai

Logo is a first and can be the most effective impression of your brand. Often times it is the most memorable part of your business. Therefore it is much important that you get your brand logo designed by efficient hands. 

Futurescape Advertising is a digital marketing and design agency in Navi Mumbai. We have a decade of experience creating designs for the brands to help them stand out and strong. We help you to create a logo for your company that speaks your story, your vision and your message, seamlessly integrating your brand design and color combination for the web presence. We make sure that your logo fulfill all the five principles of a good design i.e. simple, appropriate, memorable, timeless and versatile.


Logo designing is not a very difficult task yet it's not an easy one either. You need to follow a proper guideline as the logo represents a whole business including the products and services it has to offer. Here are 5 principles that helps to design a logo most effectively.

  1. Make your logo memorable:

A logo needs to be memorable. And for that it needs to be a mix of luck, repetition and creativity. Try to be a bit more creative while designing a good logo. Don't hop on the very first idea that hit you as usually those are the easiest ones and thus every other designer might end up thinking the same. Choose something unique, which stir up hidden emotions, which has a meaning, which represents your company and you and your workers too. Try to bring out reactions from your audience gives while seeing your logo. As that will make the logo memorable. 

  1. Make your logo versatile:

A good logo should be versatile. It can be used just anywhere. It can be black and white & can also be designed based on vector-based design programs. A logo should be designed to allow for scalability. A logo should be distinctive based on the colour scheme. You can do foiling, embossing, engraving, metal badges, embroidery and icons. You need to choose wisely about what your logo will be designed as a square or circle to look horizontally or vertically.

  1. Your logo should communicate:

You need to design a logo in a way so that it communicate a message to the users. A message could be a story, an idea, an emotion or mood. And you need to share or impart that message. A logo can communicate the message through the symbol which represents its value, product or service of the brand. It can put across a message through the design —simple, luxurious, high-tech, low-tech, vintage and are all easily communicated through the design. The ways your logo can communicate :

  • It can tell your visitors the name of your brand.

  • It actually visually represents the brand.

  • It gives you a synopsis of what your visitors are looking for.

  • It can tell the story.

  1. Your logo need to be timeless:

A very important point is that your logo should be timeless. A good logo design is about something, some elements that are around for a long time. The Twitter logo is a bird, the Ferrari logo is a horse, the Apple logo is a fruit. All these are there around us for a long time and it is easy to remember. They would never go out of style. They are relevant. But any contemporary style would last only a year or two and then would become extinct. 

  1. Your logo need to be relevant:

This particular point is often seen to be lost for many designers who are new in this business. They aim to look cool and crisp rather than being a flag bearer of the message which is needed to be shared on behalf of the brand. That is why it becomes irrelevant very quickly. A logo should be relevant and not inappropriate. A logo should be created based on more than 90% research work to convey the message and 10% on designing techniques. 

Are your satisfied with the logo of your brand? Does it communicate your company’s story efficiently? You may drop the image of your logo in the comment section and share your story with us.


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