How to improve clickthrough rates of your email marketing campaign

How to improve clickthrough rates of your email marketing campaign

One of the most important metrics of your email campaign after the open rate is the click-through rate or CTR.

Imagine how disappointed you would be after getting a smashing open rate, only to lose the readers with an email that failed to prompt clicks. A great email mainly draws readers in and gets them to click.

Let's look at some of these important tweaks to improve click-through rates of an email marketing campaign:



**Make it look consistent with the brand/website:**


Make sure your emails look consistent with your website. For example, adding your logo as the first element of your email is an easy way to do it. You should always strive for consistency between your website and emails.


**Use a focused layout:**


How you present your information, determines how well your readers receive it. If you plan your email’s layout really well, you can get your readers to move naturally towards your Call-to-Action (CTA). Try to use a single column layout if you want your readers to perform a specific action. Multi-column layouts often suit emails that generally have a lot of content to share. These could be email newsletters or product emails that discuss various other features.


**Fits within the standard 600 PX preview width of most desktop email clients:**


Studies have analysed that about 28% of the total email opens have happened over the desktops. Therefore make sure that your images and graphics included in the email fits within the standard desktop dimension i.e. of 600px.


**Include the right kind of images with alt texts and links:**


While your emails should make complete sense even without images which are also called designing for the images of experience, it is important that whichever images you use, must add meaning to your story. Also, since the images are turned off by default by most email clients, one should add relevant alt texts to them. You can also try adding links to the images as they’re easier to click over the mobile as compared to button or text-based CTAs.


**Use Button CTAs:**


Human beings are automatically hardwired to click on buttons. Clicking on a CTA button comes naturally as twisting the knob of a door, or pulling the handle of another.

Always try to use buttons for adding your primary CTAs since they prompt readers to click. Try to use text links whenever you want to add secondary CTAs. And when you use them, always ensure that they are noticeably long.


 **Packs a Punch With P.S. Sections:**


If there’s some section of your email that is as important as your email’s opening line, then it’s the P.S section. Copywriters know this and have used this time and again.

The Serial Position Effect states that the item that’s placed last in a series draws much more attention than the item placed at the beginning of the series.

In your email, the P.S section is generally placed at the end. So that it draws attention. Besides, you never know how many of your email subscribers will go right to the bottom of your email reading nothing at the top or in the middle. So, a P.S section will score big time in getting these readers to click too.


**Fit Any Mobile Seamlessly:**


Recent studies found that mobile email open rates are growing. Another interesting observation reveals that mobile readers who open emails a second time from their computer are 65% more likely to click through.

So, by making your emails responsive, you won’t just extend a smooth mobile experience to your readers, but also hold their attention for a longer time, thereby getting more clicks.


**Give Social Sharing Options:**


Many brands talk about email social media buttons contributing to a higher email CTR these days.

The spike in CTR comprises clicks made on the social media buttons/links and the clicks made by people whom the email has reached via social sharing.


**Passes the Squint Test:**


Passing the squint test is as easy as getting that big yellow CTA button, which is obvious even after significantly blurring the screen resolution.

For example, Imagine if this email had carried a text-based CTA, it would have had no chance at making an “obvious” impact.

So, if you’re using buttons for adding CTAs, then the next step is to ensure that they are effective. If your email does not pass the squint test, then your CTA button isn’t as obvious as it should be. And so it won’t be as effective as you’d like it to be.

Simple email design tweaks can result in a higher CTR, so make through to keep it basic yet alluring for the readers.

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