How to Maximise Social Media Impact With a Small Budget?

How to Maximise Social Media Impact With a Small Budget?

According to most of the surveys, marketers are allocating around 10% to 15% of small or medium businesses on social media.

These budgets are expected this year, in 2020. The actions which you take on social media are driven by the Digital Marketing strategy. The budget or money you allocate for social media depends on the analysis of social media and which of its aspects is working for your brand or your business. The analysis of social media is better left to be done by digital marketing professionals who can do it in the best way, one such digital marketing expert is Futurescape advertising, they have a global presence because of their experience.

Often, when you’re on a budget and planning your cash flow, making appropriate decisions about which aspect of social media marketing you need to invest more money in can be challenging.

Small businesses often struggle with funds when it comes to their own branding and marketing activities. The greatest barrier is social media marketing. The impact of social media on today’s generation in unmatched as it drives not only revenue but also elevates your brand. A huge marketing budget is not necessary for your business to make a big brand name. There are so many startups that have transformed into renowned business names mostly due to minimalist marketing rather than investing a huge amount in marketing.

-Set your target audience: It is the first step of efficient digital marketing- identifying your target audience. So that you can analyze them and decide which social media platform has the highest platform will engage the most number of the target audience. If your budget is a little more you can choose for multiple platforms to advertise.  Facebook & Instagram has the greatest impact on people’s buying decisions for business-2-consumer. This is because social media does build brand awareness especially if you focus on high-quality content.

Similarly, LinkedIn works for business-2-business marketing like magic. Facebook has the greatest impact on people’s buying decisions. This is because social media does build brand awareness especially if you focus on high-quality content.

-Are you unsure what is the best approach to succeed with a small budget? We have fetched out the right strategies.

-Although you don’t need to have a big budget, you can sketch out a social media strategy that focuses on minimal investment in marketing campaigns. What matters is having a marketing idea that strikes the right chord with your target audience.

-Do research on your target audience network. Identify who they are, where they are and what interests them. To determine the target audience, you can use free tools such as Followerwonk or examine audience categories for Facebook marketing.

-Most of your social media posts will go viral when it shared and liked by maximum people. For this purpose, you need to make efforts for growing your network which would benefit your campaigns. You can also opt for a small investment page like or sharing campaign.

-Affiliate marketing is also a great way of promoting your social media campaigns. Your organization can up an affiliate which will help your brand earn recognition socially. This type of marketing can really give people the motivation they need to refer you to others and it becomes a win-win for you both.

-Broadcasters: People who share what you create for social media & blog posts and create something unique and closely linked with what their fans want on social media.

-Select social media channels that have a culture: The culture of social media matters a lot, every social media platform has its own culture – and they expect businesses and brands to advertise on similar notes.

Social media platforms are evolving, for example- Facebook has revolutionized from a simple PPC advertising platform to a databank of information on audience insights, demographics, and more.

Spreading your eggs across several baskets will likely not produce results for you. Focus is the key. When it comes to social media channels, having a “less is more marketing tactic,” will get you the best results.

These people are amplifiers. They’re creatives. They can take an idea that you shared via your social media or a blog post and expand on it. They’re one of the best types of users to connect with on social media as a marketing tactic.

Are you ready to start social media marketing with a small budget? These strategies will help you out.

One thing you need to remember is you don't need to rush with every marketing technique but choose the right one for your business. In-house marketing can sometimes create a hassle, hence, it is good to approach a good digital agency. Is your organization looking for one? Futurescape advertising is one of the leading advertising and comprehensive digital marketing companies, based in Navi Mumbai.

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