How User Experience (UX) Plays an Important Role in the Success of your Digital Marketing

How User Experience (UX) Plays an Important Role in the Success of your Digital Marketing

Today, the internet has been in higher demand than ever. Whether it be a shopping mall, bus stop, railway station, or park, people want to access the internet on the go. They want to access the internet either to book a flight, shop online, check customer reviews, or just search for information. But for people to stick to a page, it is very important to have an amazing user experience. An individual's online experience plays a very huge impact. It is the ease with which a consumer can find, access, review, or buy products or services. In order to attract and convert that interest or intent into revenue, you need to have the best user experience on your page.

In the quest to develop and execute modern digital marketing strategies, user experience is often overlooked. Today, it is just 55% of the brands that are currently in the process of user experience testing, and it is found out that 74% of people will return to a website only if the website is optimized for mobile.

For an ideal online customer to have an impeccable experience on your website, your website should have seamless navigation, a clear-cut purchasing journey, dynamic content, and user-fine mobile device compatibility. With these elements combined, businesses can have a uniqueness about their website and can stand out from the rest of their competitors.

User Experience in a Mobile World

Today, there is a steep increase in smartphone usage and the way people view, buy, and connect online has changed dramatically. It is observed that there has been a 504% growth in media consumption since 2011, and the desktop has been becoming a less preferred touchpoint for the increasing number of digital users. Today, mobile phones are by people so much so that if a website is not optimized for mobile, the user can abandon the website forever and may never return to that website. And if this is the case for your business then you might miss out on converting leads and might impact your brand's reputation in a bad way.

As per a survey conducted, 52% of users said a bad mobile phone experience made them switch over to another website or company. Since 60% of searches and done through mobile phones, this aspect cannot be ignored.

Even with the dominance of mobile phones, the desktop cannot be sidelined or be considered irrelevant. Even today, the majority of e-commerce transactions take place on desktop computers. A multi-purpose strategy is required in order to see success for your brand. Despite the dominance of mobile phones, many brands and marketers still focus on desktops for conversions and to attract traction.

Enhancing the User Experience

It is a fact that user experience is the key to facilitating conversions. American professor and statistician Edward Tufte says, 'Confusion and clutter are failure of design, not the attributes of information.' We often try to make our content stand out from the crowd, but it is important to convey our message clearly, concisely, and perfectly to our target audience. Usability is one of the most important components of user experience and you must analyze if the content serves the purpose and if the message is able to be conveyed and is comprehended by the user.

Why User Experience matters and why is user experience important

Visual search is becoming more imperative than ever and is one of the most important criteria when it comes to user experience. Facebook, Instagram focuses a lot on user experience and their interface is designed in such a way that there is very little probability for a user to bounce on to another application. As per a recent study, 62% of millennials are looking for visual search over any other e-commerce technology, and approximately 34% of Google search return image results for searches.

We must note that UX design and marketing are extremely important for businesses today in order to retain a user and increase engagement of the user.

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