In 2011, the marketing team at a leading finance website observed that their infographic based content was driving 30 times the traffic as the written content. This led to the creation of a new platform named, a website dedicated to data visualization and one of the richest resources of infographics on the Web. Ever since the explosion of social media, this format has seen exponential growth in popularity.

A combination of data, compelling copywriting and mad designing skills, infographics are the most visually stunning way of distilling mountains of research and data, into a single image. The succinct presentation and visual appeal make even the driest, boring topics, seem cool and interesting.

That’s what makes them so popular – the fact that they are educational as well as entertaining.

While the world’s first infographic was created during the Stone Age, here we will talk about its modern successors, so beloved by netizens.

There are various reasons for this popularity, the foremost one being the fact that humans are visual creatures. Of all our five senses, sight holds the most significant share (a whopping ~ 90%) when it comes to absorbing, processing and retaining information. Another reason is the diminishing attention spans of people in this day and age of Instagram. People want to know about subjects in detail, as quick as possible.

With infographics, subjects that would otherwise take paragraphs to be made understandable can be explained in a single, easier-on-the-eyes visual. They can be used for a variety of applications. You can use them to introduce a subject or process to a new audience, describe social trends in detail, provide insights into an industry, tell stories, the list is endless.

This means that if you want your content marketing strategy to make the desired impact, infographics are an indispensable tool.

Infographics are the most entertaining way to describe what your product does in a more precise, clean & crisp manner, basically, it is a great way of marketing in a storytelling mode.

Infographics are known to convey the message in a faster way than the simple content can do, it calls for engagement due to its fun and quirky style, it is said that our brain tends to process with the visual content 60,000 times faster than the text does, so creating a content which is visually appealing, that helps in marketing and spread the word of your brand.

Some basic Facts

* Infographics are known to be shared on social media 3X as compared to a normal content or creative.

* Infographics are the B2B marketing tactic with the biggest increase in its use.

* People following text with text and illustrations do 323% better than people following directions with illustrations.

* Infographics are more read upto 30% as compared to simple articles

* The word 'infographic' & 'infographics' are searched around 547,000 times per year

The facts above are actual & real when as per the research, hence this proves that infographics can be a great marketing strategy.

Here, we list down the three main steps that will help you create awesome infographics.

Step 1: The Words

Before you begin the execution, make sure you have done your research from trustworthy sources. Once you’ve understood the subject thoroughly, work on the copywriting. While proofreading, double-check and make sure that all the numbers and proper nouns, i.e. the key facts and figures of the story, are accurate.

Step 2: The Look

Decide the colors and the font. Both of these elements should complement the message, not obscure it.

Step 3: The Feel

This is when you bring your visualization to life. Decide the orientation of the graphic, like vertical or horizontal, whichever works better. Also, ensure that there’s an easy “flow” in the communication and work on the style and visual appeal.

Now that your infographic is ready, the next step would be to ensure that people see it on social media. Promote the content on all of your social media channels.

For more such helpful guides to help you in your digital marketing journey, keep following this space.

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