Jalwa of Judwa

Jalwa of Judwa

Inspiration matters a lot in our life. But what if that inspiration becomes blind copying? There are certain brands who are so much inspired that you would often confuse them with originals. It gives a whole new meaning to what we call “Truely Inspired”.

Have a look:

1. Is that Lays? or Legs? Never mind, both are equal or are they. The latter seems more pocket friendly.

2. The real Punjabi version of KFC. Notice how the image has been meticulously changed to a Sardarji from the old englishman. In fact, I feel they bettered it by adding fish too.

3. The male version of Starbucks Coffee I guess. Girls out there, shun Starbucks, go Starbung.

4. Ooops...It's just a small mistake of direction. Didn't Amir Khan taught us to give a chance to the dyslexia patients?

5. Dolce seems no more in partnership with Gabbana! Perhaps, he found Banana more healthy.

6. Hey, who's Mac? We, Indians are more interested in Murg instead.

7. A little mis-location of “r” and “o”; and a bit difference in quality I guess. Anyone wanna try?


8. Never mind the replaced P. Be it F or N, till the time that animal is on leap, you can go ahead.



9. Finally, don't get carried away with the TIDE, instead keep TIED to whiteness.



Image Courtesy: www.indiatimes.com

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