Know these online marketing terms Part - I

Know these online marketing terms Part - I

Online Marketing has become inevitable these days. To increase the brand visibility to a massive level and across the border with a reasonable marketing budget, the only way out is Online Marketing. However, whenever you call an agency for pitching, do you get to hear some terms that you literally don't know what they mean and how? Well, they are technical jargons just like in any other specialized field. Get to know some these most commonly used terms and never look helpless and baffled again when anyone talks about this.

1. SEO- It is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization. It involves a gamut of processes that are aimed to keep your website up in the search engine ranking and therefore your visibility high.

2. SMO- Again an acronym that is quite a recent entry in the list. It stands for Social Media Optimization. It involves the processes that are taken to promote a brand using the social media platforms, read Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

3. PPC- The other names for it are Cost-per-click or Paid Search Marketing. Here the advertiser pays a certain pre-fixed amount to the owner of the website every time a viewer clicks the advertisement displayed in the website. By far, this is the most common format of advertising prevalent in the online world today.

4. Email Campaign System- This is perhaps one of the most under-utilized forms of online marketing today where the advertisers shoot emails with their advertising content to a group of people whose email ids are listed with them.

5. Hyperlink-

One or a group of words that appear in the webpage mostly in blue colour and it allows you to click on them. When you click, it takes you to another page where there is the information of the advertiser or some other content may be. Basically it allows you to navigate from one page to another.

6. CPA - Cost per Acquisition
This tool is used to understand how much cost is required for the customer. Marketers can calculate this thing by dividing the complete cost of your campaign by the amount of conversions. This is important as it is actually shows of the amount you are spending per conversion. If it seems to be high, you should always consider reworking your marketing campaign.

7. AB testing
When you are promoting any kind of advertisement, it is suggested to be the best and split these tests. It means you have 2 to 3 similar advertisements which are running at the same time, this way you will be able to measure the best performing ad. Also you can run the same image and switch the copy vice versa. Split testing shall help you find a better target audience and will also show up the advertisement people liked. When you understand and finally are done with your split test, you will understand that you are now left with the advertisements and that performs great to help you attain potential buyers.

8. Remarketing
There are an endless number of chances that remarketing is going on everywhere, if you shop online and have a look at a pair of socks, there are large chances that the shoes would show up again on a different website you visit. It is a tactic which they use to get the customers back who did not make a purchase at their website.
This way, you can also set up carousel ads to appear on other websites also, especially on social media channels. These ads are made out of several products that your customers have almost viewed.
As they have already looked at these products, probably they are more interested in buying and seeing the product again!

9. Bounce Rate
A bounce rate regarding internet searcher advertising is the point at which a client arrives on your webpage and just perspectives one page. Google Analytics will show you the bob rate for your site. On the off chance that this number is high, you should make a few changes. The more pages a client sees and the additional time they spend on your site, the higher the odds for you to climb in search rankings.

10. Email segmentation
Portioning your email records can do some amazing things for robotizations. There are such a large number of approaches to separate your rundowns – by industry, age, area, new and returning clients and the rundown goes on. These rundowns can be utilized to make robotizations or to pipe into mechanizations. In the event that you need assistance making some executioner mechanizations to move your leads through your business channel, let our email showcasing specialists assemble your battle! You can have another clients mechanization, a returning clients computerization or a robotization for clients who have not made a buy in a specific measure of days. Anyway you need to portion your rundowns, there ought to consistently be a methodology set up.

So here are some most used words in online marketing. In the second part we will come up with more such terms. Therefore, stay tuned!

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