Know Ways To Leverage LinkedIn Stories as a Content Creator

Know Ways To Leverage LinkedIn Stories as a Content Creator

LinkedIn announced its LinkedIn Stories feature to prove that even business-focused sites can also be beneficial to content creators. With this newest update, LinkedIn has established an image of not just a place to brag about your job skills and gain employment. For those who are new to the concept of Stories, they are 10-second video or photo clips where you can add various GIFs, emojis, music and much more that disappears after 24 hours. With LinkedIn Stories, it is now possible to further flex creative skills and leverage professional opportunities.

With over  706 million global active users, LinkedIn has emerged as the number one social media platform for B2B marketers and is known as the go-to social platform for professionals. Given the pandemic situation, the work culture has now shifted to Zoom meetings and classrooms from your dining room or bedroom. Now expressing your whole self in the professional world is the new normal. For creators and users who are willing to showcase their authentic personal brand using LinkedIn Stories, here are 5 ways to do so,

Highlight Personal Achievements: 

With LinkedIn Stories, you can now highlight your promotion, an award, published article, or a high-profile partnership. Apart from that, you can use a selfie video to talk to your audience and explain your achievements. This adds enthusiasm and dedication towards your brand or yourself.

A routine update: 

You can post stories about your daily routine so your network can get a sense of what really goes into your life that keeps you professionally ahead. You can also share a couple of pieces of advice on how to organize your personal and professional chores so as to keep a balance between work and personal life. People are always looking out for productivity hacks to stay on track with the habits of the person they admire. This adds another great perspective to your content bucket and a wide set of varied audiences.

Ask me anything: 

Probably the best way to interact with your followers and admirers. LinkedIn Stories allows you to access one of its features ‘AMA- Ask Me Anything’ which lets your followers ask you a question regarding productivity tips, what book to read next, industry trends, career advice or anything relevant and you'll be able to answer these questions by personally addressing the person making a query through another set of stories.

Share your ‘New Normal’: 

With many people still coping with the new ‘work from home culture, it is the time when your Stories provides a place or solace to quickly share an insight of your in-the-moment feelings about working from home, highlight productivity hacks and show off your new colleagues that can be your dogs, kids, or roommates.

Shed lights on Breaking News: 

Stories can be a good way to share information or give a quick take on the latest news or the events happening in the industry.

Celebrating moments: 

Who doesn’t want to celebrate success or promotions? LinkedIn Stories can be a great way to celebrate milestones in your career or welcome a new coworker to the team. For example, if you’ve recently been featured in an article or mentioned in an interview or won an award, you can always turn the mood for celebrations on your LinkedIn Stories along with a line of motivation or advice.

LinkedIn Stories are a great way to start lightweight conversations related to your work-life by either sharing images or short videos and now with the LinkedIn Stories ads, you can reach out to your targeted audience and market your brand or simply spread the word out on a larger scale. To tap into the zone of LinkedIn Marketing, it is always wise to consult experts who would help you flourish your brand in the social arena and by experts we mean, Futurescape Advertising- your one-stop solution for brand growth and awareness.

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