Latest Social Media Networking Updates You May Have Missed

Latest Social Media Networking Updates You May Have Missed

At the recent 9th annual VidCon event in Anaheim, Calif., top industry players took to stage to share updates on the state of digital media platforms including YouTube, Facebook and Snapchat. Of the latest updates, Facebook's major aim was to help creators build lucrative personal brands. For Admins too, the social media channel has launched a series of updates to help them attain more engagement with their fans.

Below are some of the Facebook and YouTube added features you should know to benefit from them:


At the recent event, Facebook rolled out a self-service influencer marketing tool letting creators and brands to collaborate on attractive brand deals.

As part of the launch, the new feature called Watch Party allows creators to watch a piece of content together along with their fans. During the Watch Party sessions, fans can chat and interact on a real time basis.

The marketing tool also features Facebook Creator Studio, which allows creators to manage their content on Facebook, interact with fans and protect content through Rights Manager.

The Polls for Live allows creator to set up polls to live stream viewers. The feature allows them to get instant feedback and send request to audience for playing games.

The Premieres feature allows a creator to launch a new video in live experience, seek feedback and capture first impressions from viewers.

The Top Fans lets creators to engage with fans wherein they can highlight the fans that invest in a creator the most. The creators will get to choose top fans and honour them with badges on the leaderboard who have stayed most engaged.


YouTube has launched added features to help creators earn more money from their video content. The first is a merchandise feature which allows creators to sell products directly from YouTube app.

It has also rolled out channel memberships called 'sponsorships' which allows video creators to start a premium offering where fans can get access to exclusive content, badges and emojis.

In another update, YouTube is now allowing video creators to now promote and sell tickets for tour dates directly on their videos.

The third feature is Premieres, which allows a creator to showcase pre-recorded videos in a live stream along with a landing page. This feature also allows fans to interact with creators when the video goes live.

Do you know any major update that we’ve missed? Mention it in the comments section below. Get in touch with us. Futurescape Advertising is one of the best advertising and digital marketing companies based in Navi Mumbai.

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