Of Lost Battles and Hearts Won

Of Lost Battles and Hearts Won

The nodal agency of Govt. Of Maharashtra, DGIPR, was inviting Campaign Pitches from numerous ad agencies for maintaining and sustaining cleanliness in Maharashtra through various initiatives. Although our agency couldn't get through the approval process, the creativity streak definitely won the hearts of the team at DGIPR.

Following ideas were conceptualized by Futurescape Advertising for the pitch.

1) Swachh Survekshan Grameen 2018


We've all heard about the phrase 'Cleanliness is next to Godliness'. The idea of our campaign was mainly based on the fact that cleanliness is nothing but a collective effort, be it a child or an adult. So, the character in the creative doesn't depict just a woman, but a symbolic representation of the entire village. Because, it's only when your thoughts & surroundings are clean, do you invite God to visit your humble abode. We also suggested 'A Cleanliness Week', 'A Pledge Towards Cleanliness' & asking citizens suggestions through text messages to augment the initiatives.

2) Sant Gadge Baba Gram Swachata Abhiyan


According to the brief, the Government wanted the regulations of basic hygiene to be showcased at a personal, village and district level. The concept was exhibited in the form of joining hands against unclean surroundings. Which meant, that it is a collective battle at each level. Be it a village or a district, a competition at the block level with rewards would ensure active participation of everyone.

3) Sustenance of ODF (Outdoor Defecation Free)


There still are villages that lack proper defecation facilities, which is a major concern for females. The concept was to create an awareness that the Govt. will provide them with specialized community toilets to utilize them as a means to ensure that the sewage gets reutilized as a fertilizer after treatment. This not only ensures convenience and privacy to female community of the village, but also works as a benefit to the entire village. So the tagline 'झाला उष्: काल , नाही आता आम्ही बेहाल' means it's the dawn of a new era for sanitation, especially for the women of the village.

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