Print Advertising Agency in India

Print Advertising Agency in India

Print media advertising or print media marketing - is it dead? Yes this question might have crossed your mind in 2022 as we are so deep into today's digital world. Many of you might think that print media is almost dead as our world is heavily into digital marketing. Brands are looking out for marketing strategies digitally more to expand. You may wonder in this era, how print advertising can ever be of any help any more? 

But that's not true. Yes, digital advertisements are more useful these days considering the excessive use of smartphones and similar devices. But print advertising is still here as a mode of marketing. And it should be treated with equal importance as in today's world too, print media advertising drives good sales and  till date people tend to trust those brands more whom they see to appear in print media. 

Print media includes all the physically printed media, such as magazines, flyers, posters, billboards and newspapers, and they can be extremely helpful for the brands to reach customers.


Pandemic and all the lockdowns have impacted all types of businesses and the paper and pulp industry got hit too. That means the print media suffered too. But if you see it in a different way then you would understand even the pandemic came as a boon. It gave us many new normals. Consumers spend more time at home and even though we depend highly on the digital outlets for information, yet the accelerated exposure only led to mistrust due to the amount of fake news and misinformation. When people were at home more, they were in contact with newspapers and magazines more. That's what changed the game more. 


So why should a business choose print media advertising in this digital age?

There are many reasons. For example:

  • Print is tangible.

  • It is personal. 

  • Print is credible.

  • It is engaging.

  • Print is memorable. 

  • It gives a polite message.

  • It is a sustainable and responsible way.

  • Print is competitive. 

  • It can be multilingual.

  • It can be measured.

  • Print is multidirectional and multidimensional.

Let’s have a more business oriented look at how print media can benefit a business even in 2022. 


Print Ads Convert More Customers 

You might find it hard to believe but print media advertising has a significant impact in converting prospects into fixed customers. Nearly 80% of consumers are on direct printed mail advertisements compared to 45% of consumers that act on electronic advertising. Printed ads have more influence on buying decisions than digital ads. 

Print Media Targets Strong Audience based on Demographics 

Successful brands break down their loyal customer base by demography. After researching the primary demographics of their customers, business operators target the area by placing printed ads in publications bought by the target audience. People subscribe to magazines. They read physical content to learn new skills or invest in personal passion. The advertising is all part of that experience.

Print Media Advertising is a Great Way to Build Trust 

Many consumers are still shaky about information available over the internet especially if it is a sales approach. Also a large percentage of consumers still lack the trust to purchase goods and services over the internet. And for them, print advertisements remain the most trusted source of marketing. Print media forbids to include pop-up screens that promote strange products and services. The printed method for promoting your products and services builds credibility when given upfront and that is the first step towards establishing the trust required for customers to take action.

Print Media Engagement with Consumers is Different 

It is important to remember that there is a huge power in paper. Print Advertising activates different parts of the brain involving emotional processes which is crucial for memory and brand associations. People remember more ads that were experienced in print formats. The engagement between paper and people brings out more value through print media which in turn assures consumers to take actions in favor of the brands. 

The only challenge now for print advertising is that the digital media has cut through traditional print. Even though the print media is going through a rough patch with highs and lows, it cannot be undermined that its impact on consumers and brand recall and conversions are worth taking print media advertising as a marketing strategy for any businesses. 

Do you believe print media advertising is important for your brand? Share your views in the comment section.


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