Reach your existing customers with retargeting on Facebook

Reach your existing customers with retargeting on Facebook


When it comes to finding the right people and capturing their attention, advertising on Facebook or Instagram is an ideal platform. Several prospective customers click on the ad and complete the purchasing process, while there are a few who may not always complete the action.
Here's a fact which indicates that around 98% of users who visit your website leave the site without completing an action. This is where retargeting on Facebook comes into play. Remarketing allows advertisers like you to engage with visitors who clicked on your ad or visited your company site without completing any action.

If you have tried retargeting & have failed terribly here are some tips to get the plan right:

Facebook Pixel:
One of the most important parts of retargeting is implementing a custom audience code, which is basically a javascript code installed into your website. The initial process is to create a Facebook pixel in Ads Manager and then go to your website’s HTML and paste the code. The code includes a pixel ID, which is connected to your Facebook ads account. Despite the fact that your audience type would be different, you will require only one Custom Audience pixel to your entire website.

The primary objective doing this is to ascertain potential weak spot in your funnel & identify your target audience.

Audience segmentation:
Getting ready with your pixel code will help you track which existing customers have abandoned taking further action after clicking on the ad. Simply click on custom audience, create an audience type who you want to target based on statistic like visitors who have visited specific pages of your website. By choosing custom audience type, one can track for a minimum 30 days & maximum 180 days. When creating audience in ads manager, you can select look-a-like audiences. It is better to segment audiences based on priority like a person who was half way through should be given weight-age & thereafter they should be targeted using different creative & strong content strategy.

Look-a-like helps to get attention from similar type of people who have already clicked on your Facebook ad.

Ad copy:
Using creative ad copies for retargeting is one of the greatest ways to bring back your lost customers. They are already familiar about the information which you displayed in the earlier ad. With retargeting, you can educate or provide some more information regarding your product or field of interest. Make sure that the information used on the creative aligns with the body copy.

When dealing with display ads, tell them what's new and what they have been missing all this while, which will drive them to make a purchase.

Split Testing or A/B Testing:
Test different versions of your ads to know what works best for your campaign. You can do this on the basis of three variables, including Target audience, Delivery optimization, Placements. When the test is over, you'll receive a notification in Ads Manager and get an email with the results. Whether your objective is to grow traffic, lead generation, conversions, video views or reach, Facebook Split Testing is the key.

A/B testing would help you stop wasting time and money on users that won’t convert.

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