Social Media design mistakes to avoid

Social Media design mistakes to avoid

Social media presence is kind of mandatory now for every kind of business. To maximize your audience reach and popularize your brand, it is important that you make proper and utmost use of the social media platforms.

In order to make your products look more attractive and promising, you must ensure to design and market your products efficiently. Let's look at some of the most common social media design mistakes that we should take care to avoid:



**Blurry Images:**


If the image file is too small and has to stretch, the image gets blurred. This can result in poor image quality and pixelation. Pixelated images tend to make your brand seem unprofessional and are less likely to be shared. It is always better to upload a larger and high-resolution image than a small one. This is because shrinking an image is way better than stretching it.


**Hard-to-read fonts:**


It can be really tempting to choose the prettiest font to design. But, pretty isn't always the correct choice for social media. Your followers are in a tendency to browse quickly and they want typography that is clear and easy for them to read. You have limited time to get your message across, so make it count.


**Wrong colour choice:**


The colours you choose in your social media designs should always reflect the style of your business. Make sure that your base colours for your branding should evoke the right feeling. You must always be aware of how your fonts appear on the screen.


**Limited viewing options:**


When posting on social media, you need to know your audience well. How are they viewing your content? Your image might look good on a desktop computer but does it look good on a mobile phone too?

Always remember, your post might not necessarily have the same exposure and importance to all on a social media platform. Your audience may vary and the style of content should be adapted accordingly.


**Stock photos:**


When it comes to social media, authentic and genuine content is the key to success. Your followers always have an eye to see the voice behind your brand and you can do it by taking your own photos.

This does not mean that you cannot ever use stock photos as stock photo photography has come a really long way from the overtly posed versions. Just make sure to include attractive, eye-catching images with certain personalities that match your brand.


**Too busy images:**


Graphic designers understand the idea that less can always be more. Negative space is the area that surrounds the objects and text in the images. The background is considered just as important as your words and images.

A common mistake that we might make is to fill up the entire graphic with letters and shapes. This can look very clumsy and can confuse your followers. Be it a logo, header or post, always try embracing space.


**Not using grids:**


When we look at writing, we subconsciously expect it to flow in a certain way. Another common social media design mistake is you position the text randomly.

If you do not get the spacing and alignment right, it can distract the reader and make your profile page look really messy.

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FAQ's About 'What are the benefits of social media marketing?'

Social media marketing helps companies and businesses to gain exposure on the web. It is a cost-effective resource and a phenomenal marketing opportunity. There is a potential for business growth with the help of social media marketing. According to Social Media Examiner, there are about 96% of marketers are currently participating in social media marketing, but from that, around 85% of the participants are not completely aware of which tools are to be used.

Let us discuss the advantages of using social media to market your business.

 * Increase your brand awareness

Social media is one of the most cost-effective digital marketing methods to increase the visibility of your brand. Social media marketing helps your brand with great exposure. Just to start with, you can create social media profiles for your business and start interacting with your audience. You can ask the people you know, your employees, your business partners, and your sponsors to like and share your page. Frequent interaction and activity on your page helps create brand awareness and helps you build your reputation as a business.

 * Increase your inbound traffic

You won't see any increase in your website traffic if you don't market your business on social media. And the keywords that you already rank for are the keywords being used to search by the people who know your brand. It wouldn't be really possible to reach out to people outside of your loyal customer circle if you are not marketing your business on social media. You need to have a social media profile on prominent social media sites and you need to engage with people out there in order to expand your reach and acquire new customers. Social media helps you to communicate with different types of people with varying backgrounds and behaviours.

 * Improved search engine rankings

You might definitely get a certain amount of traffic to your business by posting on social media. But you would need to put more effort in order to see significant success. Search engine optimization helps you to get better page rankings of your website on search engines and will be able to attract traffic to your business website. Businesses that post on social media frequently and regularly will be able to improve their search engine rankings.

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