The Fashion Industry is one of the huge industries in the world with trillions of worth. To maintain this and to increase more in size, they always use aggressive marketing strategies either to catch the attention of their target market, to sell their products or to spread the notion of their brand.

Social media is the most accessible platform with more than 3 billion users. So optimizing social media marketing is the best move for all fashion brands. But to enjoy the fruits of social media marketing, strategy is needed.

 The benefits that a fashion brand can garner from social media:

 1.    Can improve brand awareness.

2.    Can help in customer service.

3.    Can help in establishing brand loyalty.

4.    The brand websites get huge traffic.

5.    It helps the brand to grow.


Now to access these benefits fashion brands should build a strong social media marketing strategy based on the following points -

Target Market Research:

Determining the target market is very important. The fashion brands should know where the products can get maximum exposure, where to get set audiences who choose specific products.

Creating Engaging Videos & Posts:

Creating engaging content is a crucial feature. Taking perfect pictures for posts is essential. But creating realistic, vibrant, well-edited and meaningful videos with trendy music will give more views. This means the video will reach out to new audiences at various levels. This will make the content viral and will push the audience to think about the brand. Posting too often or too less can both attract unfollows. So to avoid that, the best is to plan a schedule that will ensure consistency, valuable content and being active.

Social Media Key Features:

Various platforms of social media house many key features, using which will garner brand awareness, loyalty, reach and amp up the whole game. Keeping audiences engaged through frequent 'Q&A' in posts & stories. Sharing BTS in stories of events be it personal or professional. Making catchy reels on trendy music sharing value, replying to the comments, queries and messages, organising contests & giveaways with lucrative gifts - all ensure a good engagement rate. Influencers should be approached to promote brands and their products either by paid or barter or gifting collaboration.

 Website Design:

Fashion brands should develop a good, lucrative, versatile yet simple Brand Website that will attract more audiences. You can invest in good website designing companies to do that.

Right Hashtags:

Hashtags are game-changers. They increase post reach and push your content to attract new audiences. To choose the right hashtags, you can -

i) use the brand name,

ii) use the product name,

iii) use general terms related to your business,

iv) use already trending hashtags.

This will enable you to monitor -

i) social media reach,

ii) engagement rate,

iii) dynamic profiles using these hashtags,

iv) knowing who uses your brand and shares your content and reviews.



Instagram is the most trending of all social media platforms due to its easy accessibility. The platform has an active global audience of 500 million daily active users. Through reels, IGTV, videos, stories, highlights and lives, brands and audiences can connect, interact and establish a brand-customer relationship. Fashion brands get to spread awareness, brand ideology and value through Instagram's different features very easily establishing a strong base to grow the business & the brand image. This ensures new audiences every day.


 Facebook is the most used social media platform in the world with billions of active users. Facebook is easy and has many useful features like - Page, Shop, Groups, Lives, Reels and Stories. Fashion brands can easily explore these features to their benefit. They can sponsor and boost their posts to increase their reach. These days many Facebook groups promote brands throughout their lives.


 Pinterest is a platform where people from all genres identify and refine their styles. So it would be very easy for fashion brands to spread across and use this platform for their own benefit.


 Tweets are created 500 million times a day on Twitter. So you can understand how vast & active the platform is. With a proper contentful tweet, fashion brands can go viral in just a day.


 You should avoid these steps as that might lower your reach and exposure.

1.    Lack of strategy and objectives.

2.    Inconsistency on social media.

3.    Not upgrading as per the trend.

4.    Not engaging with the audience.

5.    Not checking insights.

6.    Not posting attractive and valuable content.


 If fashion brands follow a proper social media marketing strategy, it will only aid in their benefits. But never forget to customise the strategy as per your own style and requirement as the market is huge with a mixed bag of audiences so no one size fits all. Go ahead and explore this huge platform that can be called the global village, everything around the world under one roof of the internet.

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