Social Media is a very important platform in present times. Real estate agents are getting more business through various social media platforms. If you move forward with a far-sighted flexible strategy then the real estate can surely experience a consistent boom period.

Do you think it is all gibberish???

Well, it is surely not. It is very simple. All you have to do is follow these social media tips and in no time as real estate agents, you all will flourish more than you ever aspire!





There are many social media platforms. Choosing the right ones is crucial. The most trending ones are - Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn. Now you need to see where your target audience engages the most. You need to locate probable clients depending on location, age and choices. Facebook works through all age sections. Instagram is mostly ruled by the age group of teenagers and from 22 to 50 years groups. LinkedIn has a more professional approach too. You can easily explore and post based on these classifications.




In order to build a solid ground, it is important to chalk down a strategy to work according to that in Facebook. You can follow the below tips :

a.    Create a Facebook Page for your real estate business along with your personal profile.

b.    Use collage pictures from apps like Canva and update cover photos including homes and interiors.

c.    Create helpful Tabs to include featured listings.

d.    Keep in mind to maintain an 80/20 ratio while posting, 80% focusing on customers and 20% on yourself and your business.

e.    Use photos and videos in posts to attract customers to your page.

f.     Respond to comments politely.

g.    Share interesting and informative facts sometimes about homes for sale and sometimes, in general, to make the page look more organic.

h.    You can offer helpful advice about good localities, good interiors & designs for home decors.

i.      Don't forget to post humorous and thoughtful quotes, client testimonials and about your team and yourself.

j.      Keep an eye on Facebook Insights to keep a tab on the engagement of any post, reach and progress. It will help you to strategize and gather leads.

k.    Run Contests & Sweepstakes.

l.      Use your personal profile to post sometimes.

m.   Post polls & quizzes to know more about your audience and also to engage them.


Instagram is naturally fit for real estate agents. It is highly visual and shows off your listings. Real estate agents should post once or twice per day but not more than that. Following are the tips that you can use in Instagram :

a.    Create visually appealing and proper images or videos to feature current properties and developments which are currently for sale or rent.

b.    You can use different content formats on Instagram to feature images, creative flyers and videos. They are - Stories, Ads, Posts, Slideshows, Collage, Reels & Videos.

c.    You must also feature future properties which are soon to be included in listings too.

d.    It is important to grow on Instagram. Share aspirational real estate to highlight the beautiful properties in lucrative ways to attract the audience more. People will get hooked on those visuals even if they might not be potential buyers.

e.    Share your success stories through stories and posts. Share Client Testimonials and feedback. Share polls through Stories.

f.     Provide information on who you are and who all are in your team. It is important to be transparent and open. Link your personal profile with it in Bio and share about yourself too.

g.    Show your insights about the growth. Also, inspire your audience by sharing when to buy or sell & it's whereabouts.

h.    Inspire & motivate the audience to engage more.

i.     Use proper real estate oriented hashtags to make your posts viral.

4. You need to post consistently in order to remain active on social media.

5. Create a connection with your potential clients.

6. Always be yourself while posting.

7. Share milestones like a brand's anniversary, featured posts in magazines or e-magazines, birthdays.

8. Post qualitative posts always. Remember quality is always over quantity.

9. Educate your followers by sharing informative facts about real estate adding value to the feed.

10. Get your audience's attention through engaging posts with calls to action, asking for their feedback.

11. Get creative with your content, interact more, keep your customer in mind, share good stories related to what you post.

12. Don't forget to stay connected with your past clients as they can share more about you and choose you for their next purchase too.

Social Media plays an important role in every real estate agent's toolkit. It won't be overwhelming if you follow the above tips while applying your real estate marketing strategy. In no time, you will see how efficiently you have built a good engaging audience base and brought in more business.

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