Social Sharing Tools For Your Employees To Boost Your Brand's Social Media Efforts

Social Sharing Tools For Your Employees To Boost Your Brand's Social Media Efforts

Every day, thousands of social media posts are uploaded by socially active companies on networking channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, among other platforms.

What do you think of how these social media posts get more attention from almost all employees? It is because some companies use internal-communication tools that enable their employees to seamlessly contribute to a social media post.

To generate a positive response from visitors, your brand’s employees play a crucial role in bringing maximum exposure to your brand. They can share the official communication and help your brand achieve its goals.


Although social media posts can be boosted to maximize reach and get more likes from the target audience, employee advocacy is also an important trait for branding. When it comes to posting on social networks, make sure you have a software or a tool in place that lets your team easily share your social media posts to garner maximum likes and shares.

Whenever your brand publishes a new post, does your team contribute to your social media efforts? Below are 4 best social sharing tools, which will make employees at your workplace manage & share content shared on social media with just a click.

This is an employee advocacy platform that lets your employees participate in social media amplification and encourages them to share insights or updates. One can integrate social network accounts, aggregate third party content and create new social media posts. It is a one-stop hub, which will help to streamline communication in your enterprise.

Employee communication, advocacy, and engagement tools strive to provide better solutions to grow social sharing by enabling employees to discover and share useful content. Smarp supports social networks including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram & others. It allows users to create content, comment and interact with other users regarding posts. In fact, a page admin can also create a post from an external link and share content to get attention from the target audience.smarp-employee-advocacy.
Hootsuite Amplify:
Looking to create social reach and build brand awareness? Hootsuite Amplify makes it easy! The platform empowers employees to share approved content across social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram & others. This helps employees stay updated on company news/insights with just one application. Hootsuite dashboard lets a page admin manage & measure results.

This employee advocacy platform allows employees to become brand ambassadors for your company by giving them the power to curate content, share it on social media that attracts the right prospects and thereby, increasing your reach.

What sets EveryoneSocial apart is its emphasis on worker commitment — including highlights, for example, an individual channel area, permitting representatives to include news destinations and web journals they are keen on pursuing and sharing. The instrument turns into a stage for marked substance as well as a representative's very own web-based life the board device.

This platform is useful for you if:

 * You have a worldwide group — Everyone Social is accessible in 63 nations and 57 language

 * Building a very close group is a need — workers can label one another and share pertinent substance with one another


LinkedIn Elevate

LinkedIn Elevate uses the intensity of its previously existing social stage. Clients can make explicit theme zones to follow that bind to explicit organization destinations.
This is an extraordinary instrument for you if:

 * You're an organization of 2,000+ representatives (yet at the same time a solid match for litter organizations)

 * You need your representatives to connect as social experts on the LinkedIn stage to drive arrange development

 * You need to give your workers the intensity of hand-picking substance to share over their systems and with different representatives


 * The first month is free

 * Standard instructing gatherings, execution revealing and access to bits of knowledge

 * Measure the effect of your program on key business measurements, for example, new contracts, occasion registrants, site traffic and deals

 * Set sensible objectives and improve — you see representatives' when sharing rates and increments after some time that can attach back to estimations like profile sees and new association

All these apps are available as a native Android and iOS app. These tools help to boost social shares, thereby helping you contribute to social media efforts. Do you know any other tools which will help employees to enhance the branding of your company, then let us know in the comment section below.


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