The ABC of Advertising

The ABC of Advertising

Have you ever thought why companies like Coca Cola, GM, P&G etc. spend millions of dollars annually on advertising and promotions? It's not because they want to, but because they have to, otherwise they won't be visible to the consumers and would get lost in the vast sea of brands.

Allure: The charm of advertising is tremendous, how elsecould you explain the spurt rise in AD spending in recent years. The advertising bug has bitten one and all andrightfully so. The mania has caught on with companies as they are now coming in droves to advertise theirbrands.

Benefits: If there’s one thing that’s identical between brands like Pepsi, Burger King or HBO it’s how all these brands benefited from effectiveadvertising. These Ads were helmed by many of the Top AD agencies in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and around the world. In today's time whenlifestyle is moving with the speed of light if you want your brands to be remembered there is no better way thenadvertising. Advertising can make a brand reach surreal heights and hammer it in the minds of thepeople.

Capability: If a toddler demands that he onlywants kinder joy chocolate or elderly man particularly asks for Quaker Oats, it’s because of the effect thatadvertising has on them.

In case of advertising the reach is so vast that it encompasses age, sex, race and status. Due to itsglobal reach advertising offers an enormous turf for all types of products and brands to showcasethemselves.

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