The Christmas Season is Here! 5 Great Tips To Widen Your Reach Via Social Media

The Christmas Season is Here! 5 Great Tips To Widen Your Reach Via Social Media

Happy December to one and all! The year is almost over and the joyous holiday season is here. For businesses, it is also an ideal time to grow sales and get consumers attention. Some brands have commenced marketing campaigns for the holiday season, whether it is on social media or TV.

So what's your brand's trick to enjoy the holidays and keep the sales on the top in the months to come? If you're looking to grow presence on social media, we have shared some of the new capabilities to embrace new clients. Here's a game plan:

Cover Pictures:

To bring a bit of festive flair for your brand on social media, businesses can update their cover pages based on Christmas-themed image. You can use animated GIFs or static images to grab attention of users, but make sure that it doesn't affect your brand recognition. In case you're promoting any festive offers, you can also put that offer on Facebook/Twitter cover pages.

Happy Holidays Offer:

For several e-commerce & retail brands, this season is an ideal time period to promote exciting offers. What better than social media where 25% of the time is spent on online content. Brands can also host interactive contests based on customer's interests and needs to increase engagement or offer business value deals which enables your business to tap prospective customers. To widen your reach, offers/contests can be boosted through paid advertising.

Live Videos:

Create a buzz of your Christmas celebrations by going live on Facebook or Twitter. No matter the location, your users  will be able to watch a never seen before spectacle and join the live conversation. With live streaming, users can easily learn more about live happenings around the festivities.

Ads & Celebration Posts:

Keep posting regularly about the Christmas celebrations organized in your office. For offers, Facebook allows you to create “offer claims”, in the form of percentage off or free giveaways. The claim offer ads can be created through Facebook Business page. The claim offers lets potential customers to engage with your brand.

Share tips/gift suggestions:

Since the festive season is also about gifting & spreading happiness. If your brand is into consumer goods, you can share suggestions or tips related to gifts, food or clothing as people during this period always look for such ideas on social media channels.

Is your brand ready to promote business offerings during Christmas holidays? We are!

You too can be a part of it. The contest “Spin the Wheel” will be rolled out today on Facebook where you can grab offers on a range of advertising & online marketing services offered by us. Each person who spins the wheel and whatever wedge they land on will have to grab a screen-shot of that particular offer & share the screen-shot in the comment section. People sharing the screen-shot will be contacted by our experts.

The contest will end on 25th December.

Is your brand ready to  promote your business during Christmas holidays? Whatelse Futurescape Advertising can do for your brand:

 * Boost engagement through creative festive campaigns that generates maximum engagement.

 * Cross promote Christmas posts on Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn.

 * Campaign reports showing which posts are the most effective.

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