Then & Now: Changes in Advertising Over the Years

Then & Now: Changes in Advertising Over the Years

Since days of the yore, advertising has been the best form of promoting a brand no matter what industry, service or sector the brand belongs to. But has the ways of advertising changed over the years, would you say it has advanced or has it evolved? With the change of lifestyle and advancement of technology has the outlook of advertising changed?

Marketing is a demonstration of affecting individuals to purchase an item or administration. We have been seeing this demonstration of showcasing since we have begun commercialization and with the progression of time, we have seen the advancement of advertising.

Here, right now, will bring you profound into this and let you know how the development of promoting ideas occurred. So stay with us to know more –

Until and except if you have plainly comprehended the whole idea of marketing and how its development occurred, it is hard for you to comprehend the current showcasing systems and methodologies.

Details guarantee that around 40% of organizations consider demonstrating ROI of their showcasing exercises their greatest test.

The idea of promoting is tied in with utilizing various measures to guarantee a ceaseless ascent in the benefit of any business.

To understand the most basic thing. That till the time someone gets to know about your product, if it is not promoted in front of the target audience. It won’t be sold.

Hence it is important that you need to understand the importance of marketing in which you can never sell your product at a place where nobody knows what your thing can do.

To sell your service or product, you will have to make sure and spread the awareness in front of the people of the product. You will have to make them understand the tiny bit details of your product and how it can help them in different areas. Show them the specification of how it is going to help them solve their daily problems in life.

The awareness which we will be creating it can be shared via different techniques of social media marketing, today's generation is getting modern and smarter day by day, they are getting themselves full of knowledge and new ideas which can convince anybody to purchase the product at their best, whenever they get slightest of doubt about the product, they won’t purchase it.

This awareness that we are talking about can be carried out through different marketing techniques.

The modern-day generation is getting smarter and educated day by day hence they will only purchase your products if you are able to convince them at their best.
If they are having slightest of doubt about your product, they are not going to purchase it hence you will have to aware them about your product in the best possible way through your marketing campaigns.

Your internet marketing campaigns are not only helpful in fetching the traffic and users but also it helps in retaining them or re-targeting to maintain a healthy relationship with your customers through your marketing campaigns.

Before we get into the idea of showcasing and comprehending its development let us initially comprehend why promoting is significant and for what reason do we have to examine the advancement of advertising ideas.

Although we cannot be sure how much, the notion of advertising has of course changed over the years. Let us take a look at them.


The mediums used for advertising have changed drastically, especially with the advent of the internet. Apart from traditional means of advertising like newspapers, magazines and billboards, now advertising has spread its wings to newer mediums like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, ambient advertising as well as events, exhibitions and merchandising. These newer mediums bring in their own characteristics resulting in pristine advertising methods.


The other notion that has changed over the years is the perception of advertising. Without perception it would be harder to make things appeal to the consumers. It relates to how consumers perceive the brands. An example of this is if you are showing a skinny man in the advertisement of a cola brand, people may perceive drinking cola with weight loss. This has changed over the years when in the old days the products communicated directly and were perceived singularly, now different people perceive differently.

Consumer Behavior

This is the single most big change that has occurred in advertising. The behavior of consumers has changed drastically over the years. If previously brands were just an end to the means, now brands also represent the people who are using it, the best example of this is the brand value of ‘Apple’ in people’s mind. Your apple product defines your identity.

Even though many advertising notions have changed, the soul hasn’t changed at all like the 3C’s. Concept, Communication and Connect. These things are still cherished and nurtured by advertising agencies in Mumbai , India and of the world in whole.

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