Want to Improve Online Sales during Festival Seasons? Here are a Few Tips from our In-house Digital Experts

Want to Improve Online Sales during Festival Seasons? Here are a Few Tips from our In-house Digital Experts

Are you looking to increase your online sales during this festive season? If your answer is yes, stick on here to check out interesting ideas to increase your sales with the help of our strategic online sales techniques.

We all know that increasing holiday sales cannot be done in a jiffy and creating a robust strategy is most important in order to achieve results.

Here, we will learn a few tips you can use to create a strategy to increase your online sales during this festive season.


**Target Your Market Niche**


Instead of targeting every other user, you need to focus on your niche market. The conversions will comparatively be better since your niche will be more targeted and interested in your offerings. You will need to perform intricate market research in order to find trending niches.

How to specifically target your niche market:

 * Look out for trending topics in your niche using Google Trends and AdWords.

 * Monitor the best-selling products of your competitors.

 * Create a buyer persona of your target audience and identify the problems they are facing and find how you can solve those problems.


**Create Campaigns restricting Cart Abandonment**


Cart abandonment is a disturbing factor for any online business. Try to recover those abandoned carts by creating strategic digital marketing campaigns. You can send push notifications or create cart abandonment campaigns with the help of email automation tools and remind users at particular time periods to continue initiating purchases from their carts. You can create indicators like FOMO like the product being out of stock, countdown sale, etc, or retarget ads to them to come back to complete the cart transaction.


**Retarget Existing Customers**


It is advantageous to target existing users as they are already interested in your brand as compared to targeting new users. Since they are interested in your product, they might complete a transaction because of your reminder email. You can retarget your existing customers by first segmenting your existing customers, showing them personalized ads, and offering them products related to their recent purchases.


**Do Proper Audience Segmentation**


You need to do proper customer segmentation based on their characteristics such as their location, average order value, etc.

You can deliver better service to your segmented customers.

For example, if you segment your customers based on their previous purchases such as books and papers, you can retarget them in the future with more relevant products like stationery items such as pens, registers, etc.

Such ads will help them have a personalized customer experience.


**Increase your website security**


There is a tendency for people to make repeated purchases during festive seasons and there can be fraudulent interventions that can create problems for your portal and users.  Hence it is extremely imperative to make your portal secure in order to help your customers transact seamlessly. Securing your website may not affect your sales directly but when the customers have the confidence that your website is safe, they might not hesitate to spend on your site. This can lead to increased sales during festive seasons. You can make your website secure by making sure your website is PCI DSS compliant, the payment gateways are secure and your website has a trusted SSL certificate from Comodo SSL, GoDaddy, or Digicert.


**Use Email Marketing to Target Users**


Email marketing works and it gives amazing results. When you target users through email marketing to promote your sale coupons and rewards, they do take action and make a transaction on your website. It also brings serious traffic to your website and the majority of them make a successful purchase. Only send emails to a highly sorted and targeted list. There are plenty of email marketing platforms like HubSpot, Mailchimp, Optinmonster, etc which you can use to send emails. You need to send well-crafted, personalized emails to your audience without making your emails look promotional or pushy. Make sure your email provides value to your audience and it prompts them to take a call-to-action like signing up to your list, making a purchase, etc.


**Redevelop your website as per the mood of the season**


You need to tweak your website for special occasions like festivals, holidays, seasons, etc. You need to make your website appealing and attractive which sends an urge in the minds of the customers to take prompt action like make a purchase, complete a transaction, etc. Make the navigation, checkout on the website easy for the users without redirecting them to any page that is relevant to them.


**Display top-selling products**


You can display top-selling products on your website which attracts the attention of the visitor and prompts the user to check further details about the product. Displaying top-selling products helps visitors want to check the details of the product and may find the product interesting and may make a purchase instantly. Observing user behavior and acting accordingly is key to drawing increased sales.

These online sales techniques can do wonders in increasing your sales percentage and thereby help generate profits during festive seasons. A lot of businesses do try out these techniques which show good results and help them increase their profit percentages. Our digital marketing agency can help you drive increased sales within short time frames through holistic marketing efforts that help yield positive results and conversions.

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