Top 5 tips to keep your website updated

Top 5 tips to keep your website updated

When it comes to marketing, it is always said that customer retention is quite easier than acquiring a new one. Face-to-face marketing is definitely a daunting task; however, ensuring the same virtue or focus online is yet another questionable matter. One of the facets of making sure you gain maximum outcome from online marketing is keeping your website fresh and updated. When a website is updated it creates an interest among your target customers that your brand is here to stay and that it values of what’s trending in your particular sector.

Why your website needs an update?

Before we explore the methods of keeping website updated. Let’s comprehend the reason for doing so. Most companies do not have an online presence, while there are others who have a website but it has not been published with fresh content. Not having a website at all or not updating your website with fresh content is one and the same. Today, online presence has become the need of an hour. People are always looking for online recommendations before any product purchase decision. Even search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo are always looking for fresh content and if this need is addressed effectively, you brand will become more visible to your prospects, thus raising your opportunity to grow customers and making sales online. Technology is constantly evolving and no customer would want to associate with a brand that has obsolete content on their website.

Is your website successful in keeping up? No. Then here we share some effective and proven tips for keeping your website updated.

A website blog is one of the best and oldest ways to get your brand noticed. Here’s an example set by one of the iconic advertising agencies Ogilvy, wherein it has successfully managed to grow its LinkedIn followers 60K plus by publishing fresh content on its Company Pages. That is the effect of fresh content. Publishing an informative blog on your website can help you rank better with proven SEO techniques as well as help you engage & build more followers.

Customer testimonials:
Publishing customer testimonials will help you acquire new ones as authentic recommendations work best in building trust of your brand. Ask for customer feedback from your clients who have worked with your brand and have liked your work.

Case Studies:
Showcase your previous works by creating case studies of your clients in a proper format – right from introduction of client’s brand, challenges involved, strategy and solution offered. Often, some companies include testimonials in the case studies itself. When a prospective client comes across your approach towards execution of work, it will make them more interested getting associated with you.

Self- promotion:
When it comes to updating website, it is not just about business related content; you can also share glimpses of your workplace or upload any festive images or videos. This will help your organization in attracting the right crowd. In fact, you can also share your company news to let your business circle know how you’re making a difference in promoting your brand online.

Publishing latest Social Media updates:
Featuring Social Media updates on website is a great way of letting visitors knows about your social presence. This will intrigue visitors to follow your company page and know more about your brand. Visitors love companies that are active on social networking channels.

Companies have sworn by keeping website updated as it has helped them build loyal customers. Hope these tips will help to improve performance of your website. Would you like to share some tips with us, do let us know in the comment section below.

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