People are bombarded with content every second and don’t have the time or patience to read blogs or reviews in text format. Here come the video contents which are easy to watch and to relate to. In 2022, video content is very important. For many small businesses, video content is now the main way to connect with customers. From Facebook Live to DIY & tutorial videos on YouTube, to Instagram Story, Reels & video ads and TikTok, there is an endless variety of ways to include video into your content plan.

Are you ready to take the leap into video content? Here are some tips to help you in creating good video content and growing your small businesses online.



Qualitative Video:


There is one most important tip to be successful with video marketing is to create qualitative video content. You have to create good quality videos for your brand. It is more important if your business is small as that needs more nurturing to make it big. Creating impactful & compelling content that attracts viewers to come back to watch your videos again and again despite the endless options awaiting another swipe or click is absolutely more important than ever.


Educational Video Content:


When creating video content keep in mind to make it educational. The audience is always out there searching for answers to their questions. They are always on a quest to know more about everything. Here presenting answers and solutions for them through videos can really help and pull them towards your brand. So your target should be to educate your audience and answer their queries with DIY & how-to videos.


Using Keywords:


Using the right keywords is important to rank higher in search engines. Your rank on the Google page decides your online visibility & credibility. Do thorough research online about trending keywords and try to incorporate them in your videos, video titles, captions and descriptions. According to the use of keywords, your content will appear more on the feed when searched with.


Impact in First 3 Seconds:


According to Facebook & Instagram, the first 3 seconds decide whether the video will be a hit or a miss. You could have an amazing & alluring marketing message at the end in your video, but if the first 3 seconds don't capture your audience, the whole rest of the video will go unseen. So try to include an attention grabber to begin your marketing videos that will make them stand out. You may also want to include an emotional appeal in your video introduction to pull your audience in.


Optimize Your Video Content for Different Social Media Platforms:


There are many social media platforms these days, like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube,  TikTok to name a few. As a small business brand, it is important to give more effort to social media by creating different types of video content. This can optimize your content and make your audience impressed with your brand with the kind of hard work you put in.


Use Video Testimonials:


Do you want to grow your small business?  Then your loyal and happy customers can do that for you. Ask for little testimonial videos from your happy customers or you can shoot yourself too. Edit those videos beautifully and post on different channels with a good background score. Let your customers sell your products like this to others by vouching for your products and sharing the advantages. This becomes more acceptable for your targeted audience.


Use Live Videos:


Video content is soaring high already. But what really pulls the audience is Live Videos. Come Live with your brand, talk about your brand, what you sell, show them Live to make your audience believe in you and your hard work. It's the best way to interact with your audience, talk with them, answer their queries, give them inspiration, motivate them and make them feel a part of your brand and special. The audience can relate more to this. And that will bring more conversions and business.


Use Short Videos with Trending Music:


People like short videos with a message in them. In today’s world, everyone is busy. So taking out time to watch long videos could be really taxing. Here comes the videos which are short, easy to understand and to relate with. And it is easier to create short videos too. All you need to do is arrange a good background, keep the videos within a minute, share the knowledge you want through words or voiceover, show your product/products properly with little information, add trending music and post. These days it is very easy to become viral by posting on Instagram as Reels with simple yet good video content.


Behind-the-scene Videos:


If you have a small business and you want to promote it on social media and plan a strategy, marketing through videos is a must. But you need to be very careful about what content you are creating and posting. The audience needs to be entertained qualitatively. They would get bored if you always promote your business and sell your products. One great content idea is behind-the-scenes, BTS videos on your stories or posts or reels sharing information also with proper captions. You can show the hard work that goes behind creating promotional videos or making products or how fast your days go or how much effort you put behind packing or customizing products according to your customers. People can relate at times and appreciate the personalized efforts that you make.

As a small business, starting a video marketing strategy can be overwhelming. When launching your content on a new platform, always remember to set your goals, create valuable content for your target audience, and stay true to your brand. Do not forget to measure your results following a campaign to see what worked and what didn't so you can optimize your strategy for next time. These video marketing tips will surely help you reach your goal.

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