What is Business Blogging and Benefits your brand can derive from it.

What is Business Blogging and Benefits your brand can derive from it.

Last day in our school Whats app group, a guy knowing that I am into a writing job for some time now, put up a question, “What is business blogging? And how it benefits an organization?” Since the guy holding an important position is Wipro at present and definitely not an uneducated one, I realized that there can be many who are yet to understand and realize the importance of Business Blogging. So if you are one too who is interested in it, then this post is for you. Happy Reading!!

Benefits of blogging :-

We are sure that we all must agree and come to one driving point which is more website visitors, we are sure that we all are on the same page and need the same thing.

Now let us think about the ways to find people visiting your website.

There are many people who can directly type the name of your website on the browser, but these are your current audience who knows you already, they know what you do and who you are. More than that, you are already getting views from them! We are talking about new visitors, you can find different ways like buying an email list & make them aware about your website and get through it but then it is ILLEGAL & very expensive. Understand the day you will stop feeding money to them, your traffic will stop!

Let us think about how many pages are there on your website? Maybe a few but not too many, and how often do you update those pages. Not often we are sure. Now the tricks that others must be thinking might not be very helpful but blogging helps solve all those problems!

Each blog you write comes with a blog post, it is one of the more indexed pages on your website, this means it has more than one opportunity for you to show up in search engines and it will also help you drive traffic even with an organic search. We shall talk about more benefits about blogging on your SEO a bit later, but it is also one more cue to google and other search engines that the website is active and it should be checked frequently to see if there is any new content on the surface.

Blogging will also help you to come across social media. Whenever you write a blog, remember that you are making content that people will share on social media networks such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Pinterest. It will help you expose the business from a brand new audience whom you don’t know yet!

What is Business Blogging?

To begin with, blogs are short formats of content that are created for online posting. And in Business Blogging this content format is used in talking about your business and the areas related to it & publishing it in your website blog page. This practice increases your online visibility and at the same time speaks about your business creating awareness for your brand.


How is it different from regular blogs?

Business blogs are slightly different from the regular blogs. Regular blogs are the personal blogs that are created out of individuals’ interest in writing, telling a story or experiences. Also these blogs are salable in terms of advertisement spaces. Therefore regular blogs can be direct money generating machines. But Business Blogs are not meant to generate money directly but to market or promote your brand such that people avail your service or product in actual and contribute in the business profit. Also regular blogs may or may not stick to one line of subject but business blogs mandatory speak about the brand and subjects related to the brand.

How does business blogging benefits an organization?

Well, this is a separate topic in itself. And for better understanding, we will take up the topic in our next post. But here, let me give you an overview of it just to tickle your interest.

Apart from the already known fact that business blogging talks about your business and related subjects creating awareness for your brand and services, business blogging, technically, helps by adding numbers of pages in your website (in proper order) which in turn helps in higher ranking in search engines.

It also helps in social media promotion as the reader upon liking the post share it via social channels helping in promotion. And for this very attribute, you must sound good and logical in your blog posts and not just write anything to increase the number of pages.

Business blogging is definitely one of the factors for getting attention from your potential clients. Is your brand doing it right? If not, then get in touch with us. Futurescape Advertising is a Navi Mumbai-based advertising and digital marketing company, which offers the best online and offline marketing services.

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