What's Email Marketing? What Is the Need for Email Marketing?

What's Email Marketing? What Is the Need for Email Marketing?

From digital marketers to entrepreneurs, we all are aware of what Email marketing is and what can be its benefits. How it gets us leads & provides us with beneficial and potential clients for our business, but many are unaware of its true benefits and still face away from making complete use of Email marketing.

Below are some of the benefits which are imperative to imply on our businesses to make most of our connections and business. In order to understand what actually Email marketing does for us, let us go through the article and have a quick look at some of the important pointers.

Let’s try to understand what is the “ Actual “ need for email marketing - 


**Email Marketing Gives You A Broader Reach -** 


Let us keep the audience of social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin aside as we are talking about professional Emails in here, also if you do a quick research about it you will find out that

“The total number of worldwide email accounts was around 5 billion in recent years, imagine what would be the count in 2020?”

The broader the reach, sweeter the results, Email marketing is the most effective way to reach the mass population at the same time and grab their attention for your brand.


**Email Marketing Helps Your Message To Be Delivered Clearly -**


Social media campaigns and creatives look interesting, they invite attention, and also it looks quite attractive, that’s what helps you in branding and brand recognition. But when talking about Email marketing it helps us deliver our message on a very clear and honest note.

We have enough space to talk, share our views, share our details, and also show the creative side which will represent the thoughts and image of the brand and organization.


**Email Leads You To Beneficial Conversions -** 


The marketers and entrepreneurs are always keen and focused on conversions, irrelevant of what strategy of marketing they are using for their business, they prefer the topmost priority as their conversions.

With infinite experience and understanding, we as an agency suggest that when it comes to conversions; nothing can beat E-mail marketing.

If you had a look then you will realize that the average click-through rate of an email campaign is around 3% whereas the average click-through rate, from a tweet, is about 0.5%. This means that if you go for email marketing, you are more likely to get more conversions for your email compared to twitter.


Futurescape Advertising Agency in Vashi - Navi Mumbai is one of the most beneficial and supportive agencies to work with for your branding, marketing, and advertising. We are an expert Email marketing company in the entire town, also with proper planning and strategy for your business, we can curate and customize an email marketing plan from which you will get benefits 10x and also would be able to grab the attention of the different audience from a plethora of platforms.

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