What’s Sms Marketing & How’s It Going To Help In The Business?

SMS marketing, also known as text message marketing, is a method by which businesses and SMS marketing companies send out specials, coupons, promotions, alerts, and more via highly targeted, permission-based, opt-in text messages. SMS marketing or mass text for businesses is one of the easiest ways of communication. But it was mostly used for personal conversations until recently when the world witnessed a steep increase in smartphone usage. Messages are the preferred medium by customers to talk to businesses. 9 out of 10 people choose messages as the way to keep themselves informed about business communication. SMS marketing is a great way for businesses to reach out to their customers and explore new target audiences too.

Here are a few ways SMS marketing agencies can grow your business with the help of SMS marketing:

  • You can use shortcodes to simplify response and build your database –

Have your customers make the first move by adding a shortcode or keyword to print collateral, advertisements, and advertising boards as well as social media. This strategy means that customers soon become familiar with a brand’s code and keyword and are therefore more likely to interact and respond.

  • High open rates –

SMS has the highest open rates when compared to phone calls or email marketing. 98% of the messages sent are opened, making SMS marketing services a boon to all enterprises seeking quick and effective customer service.

  • Inexpensive –

SMS marketing is a highly cost-effective option. Network providers offer Bulk SMS options via SMS API or their platform, which allows businesses to reach out to thousands of customers in a few easy steps. When compared to other forms of marketing like billboards, television ads, mobile ads, or magazines, SMS marketing is more budget-friendly.

  • You can learn more about your customers –

SMS is a great channel to get feedback from your customers via surveys. Research shows that on average 31% of consumers will respond to a survey via SMS with the average response time for users being just over 5 minutes. Meaning you can get great results in a short period of time.

  • Response data enables you to monitor, track and improve –

Tracking meaningful ROI, identifying customers engaging via text message and monitoring delivery rates are all possible through SMS revealing the realities to the misconception of SMS being an untraceable channel and bringing it more in line with what has been possible with email for years. By using these analytics, businesses can create further targeted campaigns and continually build a better understanding of their mobile database.

  • Opt-in/Opt-out –

Though regulatory compliances are high in SMS marketing agencies when compared to email marketing, messages still have an easy way out if the customers do not want to hear from the business.

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