Which Social Media Platform to Choose for Your Brand?

Which Social Media Platform to Choose for Your Brand?

Have you fixed your marketing plan for the next quarter? Have you remembered to include social media in your strategy?

Well, as of now, it is absolutely important for your business to be on social media. Social media marketing is gaining importance by the day, solely because your business needs to be there, where your customers are. And trust me all are on social media now.

Starting with social media marketing can be a bit overwhelming as there are many to consider. But we can offer you some help here.

Here are 3 Steps to Guide You through :

Step 1: Identify Your Audience :

Write down the answers to the following questions:-


Who is your customer?



What age bracket are they in?



Which gender do they fall in?



What are their education and income level?



What are their interests in general?


Use these answers to help out in building up your audience's profile.

Step 2: Define Your Goals :

Once you know your audience, you need to set your goal. Your primary goal would always be to drive sales but you need to build up a relationship with your audience, who could be your potential customers to achieve your primary goals. For this, you need to be creative on social media and offer your creative new ways to attract more conversions.

Step 3: Find Your Audience :

At this point, you know your audience and your goals. Now you have to find your audience on social media. You need to find where your audience is more active and engages more, where they offer more creativity and interest! Then you can mark and associate more there.



Facebook has more than 3 billion users. So the reach is huge and the platform offers variety. Due to its massive size, it offers a platform for all. Facebook is a good platform for building up the loyalty of your existing customer base. Due to its large population, it might be difficult to reach new audiences but if you are looking to build good relationships and work on that to connect with more people and grow, then Facebook is a good option as a social media marketing tool.


Instagram is one of the fastest-growing platforms. It has a young audience compared to Facebook. Instagram relies on photos &  videos for conversation. As a result, this platform works beautifully for visual-based businesses, like art, food, retail, and beauty. As it is a growing platform, it gives more opportunities for generating leads as your reach is wider here. It offers a good platform for customer care. You can build your brand credibility by creating unique posts and reels. You can reach the audience and entertain them.


Although YouTube has 2.3 billion users, its reach extends far past that. For other platforms, you need to register and sign in but anyone can view YouTube videos at any point in time be it from a smartphone, desktop, laptop or tablet. As a result, YouTube has become one of the biggest search engine platforms. The searches are mostly for 'DIY' videos and 'How To' ones. Businesses from the service industry or businesses related to education, entertainment, food and lifestyle can offer content work like DIY videos, education and lifestyle videos, songs, dance videos and food recipe tutorials. This way they can attract an audience to the brand.


Twitter is one of those social media platforms that helps you build your brand awareness. It utilizes hashtags. You can search hashtags and know which are the trending topics at that moment. Based on that you can create your tweet content and reach out to the audience and start building a base to establish your brand.


LinkedIn is the number one social media platform designed for businesses and professionals. It has over 690 million users and over 3 million company pages. So you can understand that it is indeed popular and beneficial. It has its own publishing platform, Pulse, where brands can create articles that gain broad reach and drive traffic back to their websites. LinkedIn intends to raise a company’s profile and increase its reach.

At Futurescape Advertising, we can help you to manage your social media marketing and stay ahead of the competition. We devise customized social media plans to suit and benefit your unique business. Also, we offer integrated digital marketing plans for the optimized digital presence of your brand. Get a free consultation today.

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