Why are Google Reviews so Important to SEO?

Why are Google Reviews so Important to SEO?

Google reviews are one of the most important things required for a business to succeed. Google reviews make your business look trustworthy and a valuable source of information in the eyes of the consumers/visitors. With Google reviews, there is a high probability for a business to be noticed by Google. Higher reviews, both in terms of volume, quality, and diversity will help your business be identified by Google helping you secure a position on the Google My Business page.

It is very important for your business to have an unhindered focus on Google reviews and it is essential to improve them in order to have a good ranking in local SEO. Local SEO is extremely important and Google reviews can build the brand visibility and authority of your brand. There is a lot of importance of SEO in digital marketing because a business will be able to generate clicks and attract traffic only if its website is listed on the 1st page of Google. Only if your website gets traffic, your business will be able to generate sales. The listing ranking of your business is considered by Google and it is one of the factors that is accounted for while ranking web pages on Google.

How do Google Reviews relate to SEO?

Google reviews help the overall SEO efforts and also help to improve search rankings. It is necessary for businesses to realize and understand the importance of Google reviews. There are so many factors involved in search rankings and Google reviews for a business is a strong indicator to search engines and it is the Google reviews that show if the business is trustworthy and reliable. To manage business reviews on Google is a task when competition is always at its peak for both small and businesses on the web. By managing online reviews, you can create a brand image for your business and raise the visibility of your business website on search results. These days, people use Google in order to find new businesses and appearing on top search results/listings is beneficial for your business to generate more clicks on your business website.

It's easier to find your business

People find new businesses with the help of Google search. It is important for a business to appear on Google search because only if you appear on Google search, your website will get organic clicks. It is estimated that a website will receive around 32.5% of traffic share for the first organic click it receives on search engines. By receiving more positive reviews on Google, a business could rank better on search engine result pages.

It is proof that your business is committed to its customers

Negative reviews give your business an opportunity to learn and improve from your mistakes and shortcomings. When a negative review against your business is posted on Google or on your website, you come to know what exactly was and what did not go well. It is a good practice to provide a solution to the customers of your business and apologize for the bad experience they had by associating with your company.

How to increase Google Review Rating

Businesses must note that 85% of customers don't trust reviews that are more than three months old and 40% of people only look at reviews that are from the past two weeks.

Hence, if you got positive reviews sometime back and you are happy and satisfied with those reviews, that is not how it actually works.


**Ask customers directly for a Google Review**


You can ask your customers or clients for a Google review. It is a direct way to ensure that satisfied customers receive your request. You can also call your customer and ask him to leave a review.


**Send a follow-up email for more Google reviews**


After you successfully complete the work of your client, you could send him a follow-up email and ask them to leave you a Google review. In the email, you can be personal, thank them for choosing your services, tell them that you appreciate and read all their feedback. Then you could provide them with a direct link to write a Google review about your services.

This way, you can build a reputation of your brand on Google by being reviewed by your clients and associates about your services. Positive Google reviews help businesses to build trust and reliability and if you address and respond to positive and negative reviews, customers would be happy that you have acknowledged their reviews and promptly reverted back to them. And when you receive good reviews frequently, you will be able to enjoy a good reputation and you will be able to secure a position on the first page of Google search.

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