Why blog posting is important for SEO?

Why blog posting is important for SEO?

Have you ever wondered that those long paragraphs & blogs which content writers glue themself into & the readers look forward to reading, are actually helpful for SEO?

To give you a simple answer, Yes… Blog posting & writing is very important for your search engine optimization, yet blogging a blog is not counted as a ranking.

Blogging can be great for SEO because it helps you with the end number of things which are necessary for ranking factors. For example, when you have a blog which is updated regularly with blog posts which are good quality and are written on topics which are relatable to your audience, it will make a great impact on how your website is performing in the search engines.

Futurescape advertising agency believes in the power of SEO & here are few reasons we would like to suggest you to opt for SEO marketing for your business benefit

It will keep your website fresh & new

If you will ever notice that there are several websites on the online portal which have not been updated for years, there are high chances that the people who ever come across that particular website may lose the interest and trust from their services as it may come across as boring and run out of business. It is very usual that such websites give us a feel that they are not working anymore or the business has been debunked. Also Google doesn’t want to deliver outdated information to their audiences, if you keep your website updated and filled with new information, it will send signals to Google that your website is alive and feeding in information which is new and updated.

Blog can hold people on your website for longer

Google’s first priority is to provide relevant information with people of their search information that they are looking for, and if the audience’s & your content’s keywords match, then Google will redirect them to your website.
If they found your content to be trustworthy, quality & relevant, it is for sure that they will come back to your website looking for more information and interesting content.

Blogging helps you target all important keywords

With the help of blogging & SEO, you can make use & benefits for your business. For example, if you sell Ice cream, you want to show up on a page with the term “Ice cream”.

If you use your business keywords often on your page with the help of blogging, there are high chances that the keywords audience will type on Google may match with your content on the website & it will automatically redirect them to your website. This will help your business to grab their attention and it can give you business benefits also, you never know, the other audience is your next potential customer!

A good quality blog may give you different website revisiting

Internal links are important of course but the most difficult part of SEO is to generate external traffic and links. If you see Google as your website is trustworthy & authoritative, also it's not impossible to get external links without a blog but it is hard.

A good blogs help you gather loyal and engaging audience

When a person comes across a good blog which helps them gather some kind of information which is important or mind blowing, there are high anses that they will share it or maybe comment on it, be it anything, good or bad or any suggestions if they want to & if you reply there would be a certain amount of engagement that will take place. Also if they share it or themselves come back again to your website to see another content, this will help you build a traffic on your website which shall help you get business also it will show Google that people are interested in your website and Google will indirectly raise the authority level and algorithm of your website. Now this is amazing from an SEO perspective. When your business is concerned, your website will play an important role and thats the reason anybody with SEO factor aims to reach the #1 spot on Google to begin with.


A blog is a good way to make those connections and start a continued relationship with the people you want to reach.

Blogging is definitely one of the factors for getting attention from your potential clients. Is your brand doing it right? If not, then get in touch with us. Futurescape Advertising is a Navi Mumbai-based advertising and digital marketing company, which offers the best online and offline marketing services.

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