Witty Ads

Witty Ads

Advertisements are created with sole aim to reach out to the masses with proper impact. Over the period of time advertisements have developed many facets and is perhaps the one form of communication that has shown the highest amount of creative development. Television and radio advertisements have the advantages of dynamicity and time, unlike the print ads. However, the print ad gurus have witty turned their disadvantages to the highest advantage and has came up with some of the cleverests, innovative and highly impactful print advertisements. I have compiled some of my favorites here. Do check them out.

1. Being a bit on the healthier side, ads of the slimming centres and gyms are the firsts to catch my attention. This Entrance and Exit doors of the WeightWatchers subtlely and beautifully depict the service and the capacibility of the centre without crying out loud.

2. The ad of the New York Film Academy wittyly show the path of success by highlighting the failure. This must be the scenario of the dustbin of a writer who is not being able to come up with good script. To avoid this, join NYFA.

3.  The ad actually blew out my mind. Created for Luxar Highlighter, how innovatively it says how impactful the mere highlightings can be. Picture of Che Guevara simply by highlighting some words in a page! The act is creative enough to pass as a full art form.

4. Burger King! The burger is so big that your mouth will be hurt trying to accommodate it.

5. These three ads were created for IBM which along with saying of the brand go further to provide public utility services. This kind of advertising are sure to attract more attention people as they actually use them. The ad boast out the helpful attitude of the company too.

6. This ad for FedEx is not only witty but funny as well. But very nicely speak out the expertise of this service provider i.e. their speed. FedEx is quicker than even the instant messages. Is that so really? Even if not, we are amazed.

7.  Yet another example of advertisement serving as public service. Mac Donald'd french fries are zebra crossing here. Walk safe, yummyliciously! mazed.

8. And yet another one in fitness, and that too our very own Indian. Wanna be A or I, choice is yours.

9. Not only the big brands, even the non-profit social organisations use this format of creative advertisings using places of everyday use to impact the minds of the people and making them more conscious about the social causes.

10. What a beautiful depiction urging people to avoid drunk driving. If this doesn't impact your heart, you are surely not human or is drunk. more conscious about the social causes.

11. Finally, a fine amalgamation of both. Brand promotion with social message, and that too so wittily. I wish the company would have shown such care in its emission technology as well! So what did you chose 'While' or 'Wheelchair'.

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