12 Content Ideas For Your Email Marketing Campaigns

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Email marketing is a fantastic way to reach your leads & customers. It is very important to regularly communicate with your email audience. Email marketing can change the whole game for your business if done correctly. The more you get engaged subscribers, the more conversions happen, the more sales happen and this means trust increases. All this can be made possible with a good email marketing strategy. It is not only effective but also an easy, accessible and personal way to stay connected with your growing audience.


To help you with ‘How to Create Interesting Email Content’, stating below some email marketing techniques:


It is a good choice to inform your subscribers about all the recent activities of your company, be it about achievements, monthly targets, featured blogs, praiseworthy articles about your brand, company milestones, a list for open positions for hire, insights of your company’s history, important dates, press coverages, updates of your social handles and insights.


Providing a variety in your content is crucial.  Just business promotions can grow tiresome. To break the monotony, it is important to provide something fun, Interesting, different and even educational. Create surveys or polls to keep them engaged. Share motivational quotes for meaningful impact. Share your blogs on other topics, monthly updates of your popular blogs, videos or products. Whatever you are writing in your email, make sure of maintaining a balance between promoting your own company and providing the audience with meaningful value.


Immediately reach out to your newly sign-up subscribers through the Welcome email. A simple introduction with smiling emojis, maybe a new subscriber discount code & a call to action drive expressing good intention – are the things needed for a prompt engagement.


A good way to increase engagement and conversions through email content would be by sharing curated collections of new, valued and relevant articles and videos from around the web. This will allow you to send out more emails & ensure more activities.


Engaging on holidays is a great email marketing idea. If you send emails around holidays, that will capitalise on people’s festive joyous spirits. You can run a holiday sale, share holiday-themed content, holiday history or simply wish them making them feel cared for.


The key to success anywhere is to understand your clients. In order to do that, it is best to ask out directly. Send your subscribers emails with targeted questions to get valuable insights. Share type-in forms, surveys to fill in about their thoughts on the company. This increases engagement and you get valuable feedback too.


It gives a personal touch if you send out personal invites to your email list, for any organised event by your company. This will make your subscribers feel valued. Ask your team to send across personalised invitation emails to your clients. If you are organising online webinars, then send out invites with details and sign-up forms to all your subscribers.


You can send informative emails about any upcoming contests and giveaways in the form of invites for them so that they get easy access to participation. These are important promotional tools for any brand. You can make interesting videos or GIFs to attract your subscribers. Keep in mind to add all details related to the contests and giveaways like duration, rules, number of winners and gifts in videos or images or GIFs. This will lead to more shares and future sales conversions. Don’t forget to update them via emails about the Winners.


Whenever you are launching anything new, be it products, services, social handles or blog posts, make sure your audiences are aware of that. You can offer exclusive discount codes to boost interest. Do not forget to provide product details to your audience to make them aware of them.


Client testimonials are your best success stories. Share them through emails to your subscribers showing brand product values. This is the perfect way to highlight the benefits of your brand in an authentic, trustworthy way with your audience.


Here are some good possible ideas to use your email list to offer discounts and have sales:

a.    welcome offers,

b.    sales reminders,

c.    one time offers in flash sales,

d.    exclusive discounts,

e.    free shipping days,

f.     free gifting days.


Introduce videos in your emails for your subscribers. Videos are a great way to reach the audience as they impact meaningfully through audio and visuals.

Some more ideas for email marketing —

1.    Make the email readable.

2.    Segment your audience.

3.    Do not spam.

4.    Write a good subject line.

5.    Keep your emails clear and catchy.

6.    You need to keep it relevant.

7.    Keep it short, simple and sweet.

8.    Add a clear call to action.

 Which of these email ideas will you try first?

Keep these ideas in mind when you strategize your email marketing plans. By learning how to write the content and sticking to email marketing strategy, you are on your way to up your game by improving your content campaigns & building engagement.


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