12 essential Twitter stats to guide your strategy in 2021

 12 essential Twitter stats to guide your strategy in 2021

Twitter is essentially the most valuable marketing channel as of 2021. But to use the channel to its full potential, you need to have a thorough knowledge of the platform. Also, you need to be abreast with the latest trends and Twitter statistics in order to understand how people are using the platform.

In order to give you a better perspective of the latest Twitter stats in order to create your marketing strategy, we have collated 12 important Twitter stats. The stats will tell you if you need to do another Twitter audit or if you want to readjust your approach.
Let's discuss the stats in detail.


**The number of monetizable daily active users co continues to increase:**


As per Twitter's letter to shareholders for Q3 or 2020, the average Twitter daily active users have peaked at 187 million. This means there is a 29% increase year after year. The term 'monetizable' refers to only those accounts that can see advertisements on the platform. This means that the platform's ad revenue is contributed by only a portion of the Twitter user base. The Twitter userbase has been growing rapidly. The number of monthly active users peaked at 330 million during Q1 of 2019. But from Q2 of the same year, Twitter emphasized reporting to monetizable daily users. According to Twitter, the factors that contributed to the increase in monetizable daily active users was the increased conversation about COVID-19 on a global scale and the US elections.


**Most Twitter users are Americans:**


 Americans are the most who use the platform. As of October 2020, there are about 68.7 million active users from America alone. Followed by the US are India and Japan who use Twitter extensively. Since the American user base is large, Twitter has become the go-to marketing channel for US-based brands. It is also a platform where you can deliver quick customer service.


**More than half of American Twitter users use it daily:**


Around 52% of Twitter users in the United States use Twitter on a daily basis. And there are almost 84% of Americans use Twitter on a weekly basis. People mostly use Twitter in order to check news updates and trending topics where 96% of users access Twitter every month.


**28.9% of Twitter users belong from 25-34 age group:**


As per the overall age demographics, people who use Twitter the most are millennials.


**Twitter's users send out more than 500 million tweets per day:**


With Twitter being such a happening place, you might think to yourself how many tweets would Twitter be witnessing per day.  As per Internet Live Stats, Twitter users send out 500 million tweets per day which means 200 billion tweets per year. While thinking about what to tweet from your own account, you might want to use social listening tools to figure out the specific conversations our audience are engaging and focusing on.


**The pandemic significantly affected Twitter usage:**


During the time of the pandemic, people checked on Twitter to see the latest news, updates, connect and stayed entertained during the quarantine period. This affected the social media trends and there was a significant impact on Twitter stats. As per the Twitter recap, there were about 7000 tweets about TV and movies every minute. The usage of house emoji increased by 40% and people started sharing cooking recipes, using food and beverage related emojis a lot.


**There were 2 billion tweets about gaming:**


With the pandemic forcing a major lot of the population to stay indoors, people started switching to activities like gaming to pass their time. People started having conversations about video games. A total of 2 billion tweets were only about gaming in the year 2019.


**Twitter saw a 15% year-over-year increase in ad revenue:**


Along with the increase in average monetizable active users, Twitter also is witnessing an increase in ad revenue. In the Q3 of 2020,  Twitter's ad revenue increased by 15% summing to $808 million. Twitter has put in several efforts to improve the advertising efforts of brands. New ad formats such as the beta Branded Likes was introduced by Twitter allowing advertisers to create customized 'like' buttons with animated brand imagery. By rebuilding the First View ad format, Twitter has managed to increase 30-40% of impressions per advertiser. Such enhanced experiences have resulted in the advertiser spending more to advertise on the platform.


**Ad engagement is also on the rise:**


Twitter witnessed a 35% increase in total ad engagement on the platform. This was due to the increase in monetizable daily active users. As per the stats for Q4 of 2020, the cost per engagement on Twitter was decreased by 3%.


**Twitter usage is increasing for both marketers and consumers:**


With the increase in monetizable daily active users, marketers are also interested in increasing their Twitter usage. Consumers are engaging in Twitter like never before. As per a survey, 34% of consumers intend to use Twitter in the coming year.


**People are increasingly following topics on Twitter:**


Twitter is hell-bent on increasing its user experience. They have been emphasizing organizing content on topics and interests lately. Twitter has made it possible for people to follow a number of topics, giving them more than 5,100 options. In Q3 of 2020, there was an increase of 40% of accounts following topics.


**People open articles 33% more often before retweeting:**


Twitter tried experimenting with a prompt that encouraged users to read an article when they tried to retweet it without reading beyond the headline. This helped improve informed participation among their audience and nurture healthier conversations.  Because of these efforts, users tend to open articles 33% more often before they retweet.

Twitter is one of the most happening platforms in today's time and it is actually a task to showcase your product or service or market the same on Twitter. Futurescape advertising, the best digital agency in Mumbai can help you formulate well-curated strategies in order to market your product or service on the platform and can help you raise the bar in your niche.

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