16 Email Marketing Tips To Drive Results

16 Email Marketing Tips To Drive Results

Do you think email is old school? If you think so, then you need to change your outlook. Yes, social media platforms may get more exposure, but through email marketing, you can engage and reach billions of people worldwide every year. An email has many advantages. It goes directly to the customers. It can be personalized. Emails can be so much cheaper than many other marketing tactics. If you are a small business, email can be very cost-effective. Many businesses use email marketing strategies as an integral part of their workflows, even when they use other social media platforms. 

Today, we’re going to dive into the best email practices to help you grow your traffic and sales. 

16 Best Effective Email Marketing Tactics :

  1. Deliver right at the time:

Every email marketer wants their newsletter to be at the top of the inbox. Of course, you would want your subscriber to pick your email first. But to be honest, there is no fixed time for sending your email. You have to experiment with it and then fix a time. It varies across different locations, audiences and types of your products/services. 

  1. Deliver at proper frequency:

Another email marketing best practice is knowing how often you should email your subscribers. Nobody likes to get spammed. So do your research and fix the frequency of your emails accordingly. Generally, once a week and right before any event is accepted as satisfactory and non-annoying.

  1. Compelling content:

Do you want a better click-through rate? Then give utmost importance to your content. Make sure that your pitch is personal, informative and/or urging. Do proper research on your buyers’ profiles before sitting down to write an email.

  1. Catchy subject line:

Create a curiosity gap in the subject line. Curiosity gap as in you provide just enough information in the subject line to hook your audience, yet not enough to satisfy their curiosity until they click. You need to share information but not all as your audience won't have the reason to open the email. 

  1. Create an email drip campaign:

Drip campaigns are a series of emails usually sent to your new subscribers after they register through signup forms. The most popular series is the welcome email campaign, which you can send with different incentives and offers to onboard new customers. 

  1. Call to action:

Make sure that you are giving your reader an option to take action and better if that is easy to do. Think of adding a button linked to your enquiry form or a link to your landing page. Don’t make them search around to get in touch with you.

  1. High-quality visuals:

A picture is worth a thousand words and you need to use it. Your email should consist of eye-pleasing and beautiful visuals. It should be high quality and aligned with your brand. The main aim of visuals is to build an emotional connection. 

  1. Preview text:

The preview text is a snippet of a copy from the body of your email that is displayed next to the subject line. Craft an enticing preview text that goes well with your subject line and builds upon it.

  1. Storyline to build trust:

People love stories. And you need to tell them a story to get conversions. People remember something that is weaved into a story as it forms a deep connection. Stories can be personal, funny and relatable to your target audience. This in turn gives good engagement rates, increases loyalty and builds trust. 

  1. Create your own list:

Purchasing email lists is not a good email marketing practice. Instead, create your own list organically. Building your own list ensures high engagement rates. 

  1. Segment your email list:

Segment your subscribers based on gender, age, location, lifestyle and preferences. Proper segmentation of your email list will allow you to customize your messages to your customers’ specific needs and personalize them effectively.

  1. Unsubscribe Button:

Yes, it's important. No matter how beautifully crafted your emails are, some users will want to unsubscribe. Respect their opinion. Unsubscribes are also part of cleaning and refining email lists.

  1.  Avoid ‘No-Reply’ mode:

Do not include a “no-reply@” sender address in your mail. You need to build trust with your audience, and this definitely won't help. Your audience would more likely open your emails if they believe they are composed by a real human. You may even encourage them to reply back in the form of feedback for your brand.

  1. Optimize your landing page:

Carefully craft a landing page that is aligned with your goals and your email content which shows consistency and promotes a positive user experience. This will lead them to trust your brand.

  1. Reward loyal subscribers:

Loyal customers are the lifeline of your traffic. So it is very important to show them your gratitude through reward programs, like, giving special discounts site-wide, creating special gift boxes, rewarding them with special discounts on special products, and giving them vouchers to redeem or run reward points schemes. Sometimes even a simple ‘Thank You’ mail does the trick.

  1. Integrate email marketing with social media:

Social media is the holy land of huge audiences and influencer marketing. Today everyone owns a social account either to engage with friends or for online shopping. So it is beneficial to integrate it with your email marketing. You can add 'social media buttons at the bottom of your email and you can notify your subscribers about your latest events on social media. 

Email marketing is a great way to pull the mass. This guide should definitely help you in effective email marketing. 


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