5 Reasons Why Seo Is Important For Start-ups

why seo is important for business

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It is the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic in search engines. SEO works to optimise your site for search engines like Google, Bing, Amazon or YouTube. SEO works to make your site more findable, more relevant and popular towards user search queries.

 The importance of SEO is that it gives results for start-ups. A start-up needs a digital presence to grow, irrelevant of the industry. The best way to gain awareness, brand value and pulling power is through SEO. It is also a very cheap way to build an audience and their trust.



When you open a search engine, like Google, with the keywords of what you are searching for, the first answer is mostly more trustable than the 3rd or 6th or 9th one. This is due to the credibility that those sites achieved. And that happened due to good SEO practices.

Your good SEO strategy can push your site’s visibility to the first page and that’s where the game changes as according to studies, the audience gets hooked by the very first page of Google search and believes in them more. In today’s world, it is very important for start-ups to have an online presence. It is next to impossible to survive otherwise.

The aim is to become visible on the very first page of Google and similar search engines. SEO helps in increasing your website rankings resulting in a strong and prominent online presence.


What is the main purpose of building an online presence for your start-up?? Of course to get customers who will stay and who will also share about your business with others. Here comes the importance of SEO as it is the most efficient and affordable marketing strategy. SEO optimized websites gain more customers and good businesses. SEO will only give you potential customers who are actively searching for products and services like the one you promote. When your website is SEO optimized, it will load faster, be easy to read and surf. So it will also be displayed easily on almost all types of devices like tablets, mobiles, etc. If your website is easy to read and navigate then you will be able to get more attention from the readers and visitors. This will give your audience a chance to become loyal customers, subscribers and returning visitors.


SEO is the best tool to attract traffic to your website. The more visitors you get on your website, the more it assures a good ranking of your website in Google. Your aim should be to get recognized on the very first page of search engines. SEO helps in this hugely. The more visitors stay on your website, your ranking will go up and as a consequence the longer it will stay in the top 10 of search engines’ lists. Make sure people stay on your website for a long time. This will help the search engines’ AI-based intelligence to see who is adding value to people and so will keep you stay on top sometimes.


If you want the audience to be aware of your brand, then you need SEO services. Your brand needs to be visible online so that the audience understands that your product or services are trustworthy. SEO makes sure that your website starts ranking on the top for the key terms related to your business. SEO plays a major part in making or breaking your brand.

When you optimise your website, your brand is bound to attract more customers compared to the one which didn’t optimise. So even being in the same industry with similar content, services or prices of products, the two different brands won’t get similar outreach and exposure. That is simply due to SEO. SEO distributes your website links in a proper manner to achieve optimal results. It will search other websites which can uplift your website’s search engine rankings. SEO finds usable websites and helps in exchanges which will speed up your website’s Google ranking.


Social Media Management is a huge task. To target your audience and the market, you need to be visible online all the time, updating your Social Media Pages, be it on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter. It is not possible to be visible 24×7 and manage your business all by yourself. Here comes the importance of SEO. It helps you with information on page views, insights, likes, comments, shares, creative content ideas and conversion of clientele. It can offer technical strategies that can lure the audience to your website and give link hits.

SEO helps hugely make your website unique with unique keyword alerts. Keywords play a huge role in your online visibility. The right type of keywords can give your website huge traffic. There are times, some highly competitive keywords can ruin your ranking due to high competition and as a startup. SEO here sorts this problem out by giving you just the keywords your content and brand needs, raising your Google rankings in the process.

 The importance of SEO is huge. SEO is a great marketing tool. To sum it all, It gives you exposure, Google rankings, helps in earning money, gives you an audience and saves time. Your potential to reach new highs every day depends on good SEO techniques.


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