6 Myths Associated With Email Marketing

6 Myths Associated With Email Marketing


There are millions of emails sent everyday, but only few get opened & get clicked. Email click through rates is the biggest challenge faced by marketers. As per some experts, an email CTR which is more than 10% is said to be good, however; very few mails achieve the benchmark as many factors - opt-in, subject line, preview text & others determine its success rate.

There is a common myth that the trend of sending marketing mails is dead, however; it is still preferred as the best way to tap new prospects. It's time to debunk six myths associated with email marketing.


The 6 myths listed above demonstrate that you need to have a right strategy in place to get the most benefit from your marketing efforts. Whether you're sending one email per month or week, it should be a lead generator. Every business is distinctive and there can't be one right way of doing email marketing. It is based on right message, right timing, past successes and your audience.

Are there any email marketing myths you would like to share with us? Mention in the comments below.

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